The 14 Best UX Design Courses for 2024 (For Beginner & Experienced Designers)

A roundup of the best UX design courses available for both UX beginners & experienced designers. Updated for 2024.

Maria Myre
Maria Myre
May 2, 2024
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Trying to figure out which is the best UX design course online to help you launch or grow your career in UX, UI, or product design?

With hundreds (or thousands) of tutorials, classes, and intensive courses available online—it can be tough to figure out which is going to help you reach your career goals.  

In this guide, we’ve curated two lists of standout options to fit the needs of: 1) students just starting out with UX, and 2) experienced UX or product designers who want to take their career to the next level.

Courses for UX Beginners

Courses for Experienced UX Designers

Courses for UX Beginners

Criteria for Selecting the Best Beginner UX Design Courses

To build our list of the best UX design courses for beginners we’ve looked at a few qualifying criteria:

  • Comprehensive & Updated Curriculum: Each course on this list covers concepts and practical skills that are appropriate for those who want to become UX designers.
  • Experienced Instructors: Courses are created or led by industry experts with a strong background in UX design.
  • Hands-on Projects: Each course offers hands-on projects to give you practical experience.
  • Peer Interaction: Courses with an active community or group projects enhance collaborative learning.
  • Flexibility: All courses are online, and can accommodate different schedules in some capacity.

Bonus criteria:

  • Mentorship: If you want to learn quickly, it can be a great idea to look for courses that include some component of mentorship to get feedback and tips on your work—and be available to answer your design questions.
  • Career Support: While these won’t guarantee you a job (for obvious reasons), it can help you pair your UX skills with the nuances of a UX job search.

The Top UX Design Courses for Beginners

1. UX Academy Foundations by Designlab

UX Academy Foundations Page
  • Duration: 4 weeks (full-time) or 8 weeks (part-time)
  • Price: $499
  • Best for: Those without any prior design experience who are looking for an introduction into the world of UX/UI design to see if it's right for them.

UX Academy Foundations is a focused 4-week course that's intended to give you a crash course in UI design. As a student, you'll be paired up with an experienced design mentor, to help you throughout the program and give you feedback on your work.

From ideation to handoff, this curriculum takes you through a design workflow similar to what you’d find in an actual studio or company. You’ll bring your ideas to life as a fully responsive website by the end of the course.

Many students take the course as a precursor to Designlab’s UX Academy. One of the biggest benefits to the course in this capacity is that it allows students to trial Designlab’s award-winning course format and mentorship before committing to the longer, more intensive UX Academy.

What Students say (sourced from Course Report):

“A Great Start to UX/UI!

I highly recommend the UX Academic Foundations course with Designlab. I learned so much in those eight weeks, and I feel like I have a strong foundation to start from in moving to the Academy. My skills are fresh and sharp, and I feel ready to learn more and land that dream job!” 

“Affordable, exciting, motivating!

Designlab is a great choice when considering UX design bootcamps. I appreciate the 1:1 weekly mentorship I had with my mentor. The weekly opportunity to work with an industry professional made me feel really excited to continue learning and motivated me to find resources outside of Designlab. My mentor provided many great insights like reading material, information on the ever-evolving industry, as well as tools and tricks on Figma. The optional Group Crit was also incredible! I loved getting the opportunity to work with other students and UXA alum. Getting feedback from not only just my mentor made learning more fun. The other element of Designlab that I really enjoyed was the Discord channel. This allowed me to connect with other students, learn from others, and it made committing to a fully remote education program a lot less lonely. Overall, I am excited to move forward with UX Academy in a few short weeks now that I have a great understanding and feel for the overall education structure and format.“

Learn More: Join an upcoming Informational Webinar or set up a time to speak with the Designlab admissions team.

2. UX Academy by Designlab

UX Academy webpage
  • Duration: 15 weeks (full-time) or 30 weeks (part-time)
  • Price: $7,249 (payment plans and scholarships are available). UX Academy Foundations graduates receive an automatic $500 discount off tuition.
  • Best for: Those who are looking to make a career shift into UX/UI design and walk away with in-depth knowledge on design thinking, UX processes, and a standout portfolio.

UX Academy combines asynchronous learning with 1:1 mentoring to create an educational experience that prepares you with in-demand knowledge and skills in UX/UI design. In addition to personalized 1:1 mentorship throughout the program, you’ll also receive a completed portfolio with 4 unique capstone projects; lifetime access to a network of mentors and UX designers; and actionable insights, feedback, and career support throughout the program.

With both part-time and full-time tracks available, UX Academy offers a flexible, asynchronous learning environment … designed to work with your schedule.

What Students say (sourced from Course Report):

“The best decision for a career switch

I would highly recommend Designlab's UX Academy course if you are planning to switch careers to UX Design. 1-1 mentorship, student community, group critic sessions, flexible class hours, career services are just few of the many amazing aspects of the program.”

“UX Academy

Definitely loved the mentorship and the group critiques. They both allowed me to come out of my shell and be more confident in my design thinking. For anyone who's looking to switch career paths, DesignLab is a great place to get into UX Design. Idid the part-time route and worked part-time at my accounting job. Once I completed the program, I was able to land an internship in a couple months, then landed a full-time job a few months after that. If you know this is the field you want to be in, I highly recommend DesignLab.”

Learn More: Join an upcoming Informational Webinar or set up a time to speak with the Designlab admissions team.

Go Deeper:


3. Interaction Design Foundation (Membership)

UX Design Course Online - IDF
  • Duration: Self-paced, monthly membership
  • Price: Membership starts at $16/month for the Professional level. Upgrade to the $200/month "Design League" tier for personalized coaching to help you pair your coursework with career goals.
  • Best for: If you want to dip your toes into the world of UX, or are simply looking for a way to gain in-depth knowledge on a specific topic, you might enjoy a membership with Interaction Design Foundation.

Interaction Design Foundation offers a suite of self-paced UX design courses, ranging from beginner to advanced, and even a few masterclasses. Rather than sell the courses individually, Interaction Design Foundation operates on a membership model (similar to Skillshare), where you can opt to become a member and then take as many classes as you want, as long as your membership is active.

4. UX Design Certificate by Google

UX Design Course Online - Google UX Design
  • Duration: ~6 months (10 hours/week)
  • Pricing: $39/month for a Coursera subscription
  • Best for: Beginners who are looking for a focused, relatively inexpensive way to gain understanding of the UX design process and earn a certificate.

The Google UX Design Professional Certificate covers the foundations of UX design, including user empathy, building wireframes and prototypes, and conducting research to test your designs. Simply sign up for a Coursera membership and you'll be able to work your way through this course, learning design thinking basics, an overview of the UX design process, and practice with design projects that are reviewed by course peers. While this isn't a comprehensive course, it comes with a certificate and a glimpse into Google's innovative perspective on UX design.

5. User Experience Design Fundamentals (Udemy)

UX Design Course Online - Udemy
  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Pricing: $94.99, or $29.99/month with a personal subscription.
  • Best for: Someone with a basic understanding of design who's interested in making more user-friendly, effective websites.

Joe Natoli's User Experience Design Fundamentals is a perennial recommendation for anyone who wants to learn more about how UX design works, and how it can be used to create more user-friendly, effective websites. Throughout the 10 hours of on-demand video in this design course, you'll be introduced to concepts like the user research process and the basics of visual design, as well as project-specific work like creating content requirements, identifying business goals, and more. At the end, you'll receive a certificate of completion.

6. Intro to UX Design by CareerFoundry

UX Design Course Online - CareerFoundry
  • Duration: 1 month (~15-20 hours/week)
  • Pricing: $690
  • Best for: Someone with no previous design experience who wants to learn the essentials of UX.

CareerFoundry's Intro to UX Design teaches the fundamental principles of UX design including design thinking, user-centered design, and information architecture. Throughout the month-long course, you'll learn and practice core UX skills—such as user research and iterative design—as you create your very first app design.

7. Product Design Bootcamp by Flatiron School

UX Design Course Online - Flatiron School
  • Duration: 15 weeks (full-time)
  • Pricing: $16,900
  • Best for: Someone with no previous design experience who wants to learn the essentials of UX.

In addition to courses on cybersecurity and data science, Flatiron School also offers a 15 week long product design bootcamp program, with both online and location-specific options. In this program, you’ll gain hands-on UX/UI design experience using tools like Figma and Webflow, and you’ll use your course projects to create a design portfolio.

8. Advance Your UX Design Skills (LinkedIn Learning)

UX Design Course Online - LinkedIn Learning
  • Duration: 8 hours, 16 minutes
  • Pricing: Free with a 1-month trial. LinkedIn Learning membership starts at $19.99/month (paid annually).
  • Best for: A designer who is looking to sharpen and expand their UX design skillset.

The Advance Your UX Design Skills on LinkedIn Learning is a short, varied collection of UX design courses that allow you to explore UX design facets like prototyping, mobile design considerations, validation techniques, and more. You'll work your way through 8 mini-courses that teach you how to use Figma for UX design, as well as interaction design basics, UX web analytics, and remote research.

Next Steps for UX Beginners:

  1. Learn more about how to become a UX designer without a 4-year design degree.
  2. Ready to go all-in? The next cohort of UX Academy Foundations is currently open for enrollment. Sign up here.

Courses for Experienced UX Designers

Criteria for Selecting the Best Courses for Experienced UX Designers

Looking at courses for experienced UX designers is somewhat of a different animal in that there is a great range of different topics that these courses might cover and the relevance of a particular course may depend on your specific seniority, interests, strengths/ weaknesses as a designer, and the priorities of your organization. Nonetheless we did look at several factors when curating these courses:

  • Course Topic: As we just mentioned, different course topics are going to be relevant to different students. That said, we tried to include courses with widely applicable course topics that would benefit the careers of a wide range of working designers.
  • Reputation of Instructor or Course Platform: Each course is led by a reputable instructor and/ or is through a well-known and reputable course platform. 
  • Reviews: Where available we looked at reviews from previous students in the course.
  • Hands-on Projects: Each course offers some level of project work or interactive component to allow students to apply what they have learned
  • Peer Interaction: Courses with an active community or group projects enhance collaborative learning.
  • Flexibility: All courses are online, and can accommodate different schedules in some capacity.


The Top Courses for Experienced UX Designers

1. Data-Driven Design Course (Designlab)

Sample unit page from Data-Driven Design
Sample Unit Page for Data-Driven Design

Duration: 6 weeks

Price: $999

Best for: Mid to senior-level designers looking to enhance their data proficiency and impact on business decisions.

This comprehensive course on data-driven design is tailored for design professionals who aim to harness data in enhancing their design process and strategic influence within their organizations. It combines self-paced learning with weekly live peer group sessions, providing a blend of autonomous study and collaborative learning environments. The curriculum covers practical applications of data in design, from running experiments and justifying design decisions based on business impact to effectively communicating and presenting data-driven insights to stakeholders.

Participants will engage in hands-on projects analyzing real data sets, thereby applying theory into practice. This course not only boosts your data handling skills but also prepares you to confidently present data-backed design decisions, enhancing your credibility and influence in decision-making processes within your company. Upon completion, participants receive a Certificate of Completion, adding a valuable credential to their professional profiles.

For those looking to deepen their understanding of data-driven design and its application across various stages of product development and user experience enhancement, this course offers a robust training platform.

Go Deeper: Read the article: What is Data-Driven Design?

2. Advanced Figma Course (Designlab)

Advanced Figma Lesson Page
Sample Lesson page from Advanced Figma

Duration: 4 weeks

Price: $699

Best for: Experienced UI/UX professionals looking to master advanced Figma functionalities. Particularly good for those who want a class that goes beyond passive video/ written lessons and that also has synchronous and project components.

This advanced Figma training course is designed to elevate your Figma skills, focusing on creating advanced user interfaces, robust component libraries, and efficient design systems. Through a mix of self-paced lessons and mentor-led peer group sessions, you'll learn to implement advanced Figma features like auto layout, design tokens, and component management. The course aims to enhance your workflow, making you a proficient Figma user capable of tackling complex design challenges in a systematic and efficient manner.

Go Deeper: Read the article: 10 Figma Keyboard Shortcuts

3. UX for AI: Design Practices for AI Developers (LinkedIn Learning)

UX for AI screenshot

Duration: Self-paced

Price: Access via LinkedIn Learning subscription

Best for: AI developers and UX designers interested in integrating AI into user experiences.

This course on LinkedIn Learning explores the convergence of AI and user experience design, specifically tailored for AI developers. It includes comprehensive insights into how AI can enhance UX design, including the use of AI tools for research, ideation, prototyping, and testing. Participants will learn to use AI to improve workflow efficiencies, understand user behavior through advanced analytics, and apply AI tools to real-world projects to enhance design solutions. The course emphasizes the strategic integration of AI to optimize user interaction and engagement, making it ideal for professionals aiming to leverage AI in designing more effective and intuitive user experiences​.

4. Design Leadership at Scale - Executive by Rachel Kobetz (Maven)

Design Leadership webpage

Duration: 4 days (Intensive 2-week access to course materials)

Price: $2,200 USD

Best for: Senior Design Executives, Design C-Suite, and first-time Senior Design Leaders in rapidly transforming environments.

This high-impact executive course is crafted for design leaders aiming to refine their leadership capabilities at scale. It offers deep dives into establishing strong foundations, balancing vision with execution, and scaling a design organization effectively. Through interactive live sessions, 30 in-depth lessons, and practical projects, participants will learn to amplify their influence and impact within large teams or organizations. The course promises personalized guidance with office hours and a private community for peer interaction, enhancing the learning experience significantly​.

5. Figma UI/UX Design Advanced: Become a Figma Pro (Skillshare)

Figma UI/UX Design Advanced course page

Duration: Approximately 16 hours

Price: Accessible via Skillshare membership

Best for: Designers seeking to master advanced features in Figma who don’t mind learning exclusively via video lessons.

This course, led by Daniel Scott, explores the intricacies of advanced Figma functionalities to elevate your UX/UI design skills. The curriculum covers topics like interactive animations, complex prototyping, and creating dynamic user interfaces. You'll learn to craft over 20 types of detailed micro-interactions and delve into design techniques that enhance usability and engagement. 

6. Complete Webflow Bootcamp: From Figma Design to Development to Freelancing (Skillshare)

Complete Webflow Bootcamp course page

Duration: 11 hours 36 minutes

Price: Accessible via Skillshare membership

Best for: Aspiring web designers and developers who want to learn Webflow and freelancing without coding.

This course guides you from Figma design to Webflow development and freelancing. It covers everything from the basics of Webflow, including HTML, CSS, and box models, to advanced topics like SEO, site optimizations, and working with clients. 

7. (Bonus) Growth.Design case study example (Tiktok)
One of many great case studies on the site

Duration: Weekly growth design case studies to your inbox

Price: FREE

Best for: Designers and growth practitioners who want thoughtful analyses of how real companies are doing design right (or wrong)

Every week we eagerly await the fun, engaging, comic-book inspired case studies from the guys at They aren’t exactly a course per se, but you get a lot more out of them than many paid courses offer. Apparently, the team behind these case studies are also offering a paid course on Growth Psychology sometime soon, so if you like their case studies, that could definitely be something you’ll want to check out if understanding how design can drive growth is something you’re interested in. 

Next Steps for Experienced UX Designers:

  1. Think through the skills and competencies you want to improve upon. For inspiration check out this article on important skills for UX designers.
  2. Interested in a Designlab course but not sure which one? Set up a call with Designlab’s admissions team to discuss advanced course offerings.

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