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Data Driven Design

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Design Better With Data

Gain confidence in your ability to use product data across all facets of your design role – from running experiments, to justifying design decisions with business impact, winning over stakeholders, and more.

Course Summary

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Aug 30, 2024
Mid & Senior Designers
6 Weeks
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About this Course

Data is the foundation of effective product and UX design, empowering designers to create products that precisely address user needs and ensure their journeys are the right ones.


Complete lessons on your own time each week and then meet live weekly in peer group sessions


Put theory into practice by analyzing and acting on sample data sets


Scheduled sessions let you get peer and mentor feedback on your work


If you’re not a fan of the course and you’ve fully participated, get your money back within 7 days of finishing.
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Made for Design Professionals

Data-Driven Design was created for mid to senior level designers looking to level up their data proficiency – and their career.

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Learn to better leverage data in your design process, run quantitative experiments, and align your work with business goals.


Elevate the perceived value of design in your org by integrating data-driven insights into your strategic recommendations.


Gain a shared understanding and vocabulary around data across the team, and build a culture of data-driven decision making.

Master the Use of Product Data & UX Analytics


How to use product team tools to learn user behaviors
How to use data to strengthen your design recommendations
How to create experiments that help improve your products
How to show stakeholders the value of your data-backed designs
How to break through common data-driven design roadblocks

Mentor-Led Peer Group Sessions

Your cohort will be matched with an experienced professional designer with a demonstrated expertise in data-driven design. They’ll guide your group’s progress and provide 1:1 feedback on your project work to help make sure your learning experience is an incredible one.

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Data-Driven Design Course Curriculum



Understand how data is used in business and product decision-making, and why designers need to leverage it as part of their decision-making process.


Using Data in New Product Development

Learn how to best leverage research and other forms of data when creating a new digital product or feature from scratch.


ITerating products with data

Learn best practices for continuously improving digital products through usage data and data-informed experimentation.


Growing Products through Data-Informed Experiments

Understand what metrics matter most for growing and scaling digital products, and how to set up a data-informed growth experiment.


Overcoming Real-World Obstacles

Understand common challenges that teams face when running experiments, and how they move through them.


with data

Learn how to structure your interactions with different stakeholders to build trust and confidence in your work.

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Have questions about the course?

What Students Say

“I really liked the material… 10/10 for quality content.”

“...extremely valuable and applicable to my ongoing work.”

“The information provided in the course was easily digestible yet robust –and I liked the weekly sessions where I could talk to other designers and my mentor as well as receive feedback on my work.”

"[My mentor] Stefan was great! He was very knowledgeable and generously shared his knowledge."

“I really liked the material… 10/10 for quality content.”
Beatriz RAMOS, Product Designer, Personify
"[My mentor] Stefan was great! He was very knowledgeable and generously shared his knowledge."
Rachael SHAW, UX Designer, CNH Industrial
“...extremely valuable and applicable to my ongoing work.”
Adrienne HARRIS, UI Designer, Yext
“The information provided in the course was easily digestible yet robust –and I liked the weekly sessions where I could talk to other designers and my mentor as well as receive feedback on my work.”
Hope Elston, Digital Growth & Innovation, Mary Kay Global

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know in order to take this course?

This course is for professionals who’ve worked in a UX/UI design role for at least 3 years, and already have some experience in designing and shipping digital products. If you’re just starting out in UX/UI design, then you should consider our UX Academy Foundations course.

How will this course help my career development as a designer?

This course will help make you a more effective partner to data-minded stakeholders in your organization, such as your leadership team, product management, engineering, and data analytics. After taking this course, you’ll be stronger at using data to make design recommendations and influence feature prioritization in your product backlog. Plus, with improved experimentation skills, you’ll be able to propose and construct experiments that’ll help you prove the value of design improvements. All of these skills will help you create more impact in your role as a UX/UI designer.

Will I earn a certificate in this course?

Yes. Students who successfully complete Data-Driven Design may request that a Certificate of Completion be sent to them via email.

How are peer group sessions scheduled?

After you enroll in the course, you’ll be emailed a link to confirm the course details and select your peer group time. Typically, peer groups are held several days throughout the week at 12pm ET (9am PT) and 6pm ET (3pm PT).

You’ll meet with your peer group on the same day and at the same time each week of the course.

Do you offer any discounts?

We currently offer discounts for veterans. We also offer a payment plan that allows you to pay half up front and half at the end of the course. To learn more, contact our admissions team.

If you're interested in bundling this course with other advanced courses, you can save $200 for 2 courses, $375 for 3 courses, or $600 for 4 courses. To get started selecting your course bundle, go here.

What is the course pacing?

Students should expect to spend 4-5 hours per week on course work including time for self-paced lessons, practice projects, and peer group sessions. The following milestones will exist each week:

  1. Sunday: New content is released.
  2. Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday: Participants will meet with their mentor and peer group 
  3. 48 hours after meeting with your peer group you should submit your project work on the platform
  4. 48 hours after submitting your project work you’ll receive feedback on your work from your mentor.

You can also unlock the next unit early by completing all lessons and project work ahead of the deadline.

what if I can't start the course on launch day?

You’ll have some flexibility on when you complete coursework, but you should plan to have a first draft of your project complete before your peer group session each week.

what if I don't like the course?

Data-Driven Design is backed by The Designlab Happiness Promise. After you've fully participated in the course, if you're not satisfied you can get your money back. Read more here.

can i use my company's Learning & Development budget for this course?

Absolutely! Many of our students’ tuition is sponsored by their employer. If you have any questions about how to do this when you’re enrolling for the course, please reach out via our Help Center contact form for more information or contact our admissions team.

Also, to help you with requesting reimbursement, feel free to copy / paste / edit the below email text:

Hi {Manager Name},

I’m writing to you about a course called Data-Driven Design that I’d love to enroll in using my learning & development budget. The course is on Designlab, a platform that’s trained thousands of UX / UI / Product Designers who work at companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Google.The course is designed to:

- Improve my ability to propose and construct experiments that help benchmark and measure the value of design improvements

- Strengthen my ability to use data when making design recommendations and prioritize the product backlog

- Be a better partner to data-oriented stakeholders around the organization

The course format was specifically set up with working designers in mind, and is a mix of asynchronous lessons, hands-on project work, and weekly peer group sessions facilitated by an expert in data-driven design. These peer group sessions will not only allow me to get direct feedback on my work, but also network and learn from peer designers at other organizations.The course costs 999 USD, and you can check out the course details here.


{Your Name}

What if I’m part of a team that wants to take this course?

We’re happy to work with a team or company. Feel free to enroll everyone here or book a call with our team for more information.