We’re Building the Future of Creative Education

Our programs are built at the crossroads of accessibility and human connection – all to help students build and grow satisfying, creative careers.

A Better Way to Learn Design

Designers are an integral part of creating the products and services the world uses everyday. Accordingly, we believe the path to build a thriving design career should be accessible to as many people as possible. When compared to traditional design schools with high tuition, single locations, and unrealistic requirements, the internet truly levels the playing field for everyone.

Designlab programs and courses are each carefully crafted educational experiences that reimagine online learning. By pairing students with real experts and building a community where designers can learn, network, and grow together— we’re bringing human connection back to online education, and changing lives through our programs. If you want to help the world’s users, we want to help you.

“The importance of digital product design was very apparent to Harish and I when we were working on our first project together, and when it became clear there wasn’t a great way to learn those skills online, the initial concept for Designlab was born.”

Screenshot of Designlab team Zoom call

Team Values


We embrace a growth mindset to achieve great outcomes, create opportunities, and see productive change on both an individual and company level. We prioritize speed-to-impact as a core operating principle.

aim to empower

We enable people to do their best work by providing full ownership of their work, location, and schedule. Transparent communication and continuous feedback help us get to the heart of any situation and make great decisions on how to move forward.


We lead in the online education space by constantly innovating and evolving both our products and how we function as a remote, global team. We adopt an ownership mindset to strive for quality, always looking to improve how we deliver on our work.


We prioritize accessibility, inclusiveness, and equality in all of our decision-making and work. Approaching every interaction with empathy and support helps us create and maintain human connections and strengthens our global community.

Our People