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TUES APR 16 | 1:00 PM EST

Turn In-Depth Interviews Into Your UX Superpower

In this session, you'll learn why we conduct in-depth interviews, how to leverage them in conversations with stakeholders, interviewing techniques, defining scope and target audience, and much more! Turn all your hard work into relevant, actionable, and powerful insights.

APR 18 | 1:00PM EST

Design Your Future: Strategic Steps for Transitioning to UX Design

In this talk, learn what to expect from a UX career, the current situation of the job market, platforms to help you during this transition, preparing your social media, and more!

MON APR 22 | 1:00PM EST

The Future of UX: Embracing AI in Design

Understand the current state of AI in UX, find opportunities for using AI in the UX process, learn to navigate the benefits and challenges of AI, and more!

APRIL 23 | 1:00 PM EST

Mental Health in Tech: Navigating the Challenge of Job Hunting

In this session, we'll discuss the emotional impacts of job hunting, find strategies for resilience, learn tips for managing stress, and share stories and challenges. Gain insight on how to stay positive and prioritize self-care during your job search.

APR 25 | 1:00PM EST

So I'm a UX Researcher, Where Should I Invest My Motivation Next?

Take a deep dive into what it means to be a UX researcher in consulting, start-ups, and corporations. Learn about experiences using UX Research in different sectors and gain insight on navigating early-career UX Research.

MON, APR 29 | 4:00 PM EST

How to use Gemini (Google’s ChatGPT) for UX writing tasks

​Let’s dig into how to use Gemini (Google’s version of ChatGPT, previously called Bard) to help with UX writing tasks. Gemini can help with making your written content longer or shorter, more formal or more casual in tone, or improving the clarity or organization of your text. Appropriate for both new and experienced designers.

FRI, MAY 3 | 4:00 PM EST

AI Design: Creating Trust with AI

​Once the AI model is out in the wild, then it needs to be checked to ensure that it is indeed behaving as intended, and once it gets ingested with live data there needs to be tools in place to govern that AI.

MON MAY 20 | 6:00 PM EST

Unlocking Inspiration: Exploring the Main 20th Century Art Movements

​Inspiration is abundant, and one of its most potent sources is art! ​Join us for an insightful talk where we delve into the main art movements of the 20th century, exploring their origins, key artists, distinctive aesthetics, and defining characteristics. Discover how you can leverage these movements to shape your own visual design aesthetic.

WED SEPT 18 | 12:00 PM EST

Design Patterns of Intention: Mindful Choices for Meaningful Outcomes

​Ever wondered how much your design choices can shape the behaviors of the people you design for? As User Experience designers, our impact is right there in our title.

Program & Course Webinars

UX ACademy informational webinar

Hosted by Designlab Admissions

Get an in-depth introduction to UX Academy and how to get started.

Apr 25, 2024
11:00 am
Apr 30, 2024
6:00 pm


Hosted by Designlab Admissions

Learn how our Data-Driven Design course can help you build the data skills you need to win over stakeholders, drive more impact, and grow your effectiveness as a designer.

Apr 24, 2024
12:00 pm


Hosted by Designlab Admissions

Get an overview to our Advanced Figma course – including the curriculum and course format – and understand whether the course is right for you.

May 2, 2024
12:00 pm