Learning Outside the (Virtual) Classroom

Deeply ingrained in our programs is the idea that learning happens best when facilitated by real human connection. That’s why we’ve focused on building opportunities for Designlab students to connect with peers, mentors, and others in our community.

Illustration of people connecting through screens

Connect, Collaborate & Discuss

At the center of our community is the Designlab Discord server. Here students, alumni, and mentors alike help each other get unstuck on coursework, give career advice, and provide design feedback.

But it’s not all business on Discord. It’s also a place where people discuss wellness practices, share book recommendations, find online video game partners, and talk about their favorite stationary (all real examples).

Image of Discord server highlights
Screenshot of Zoom group critique session

Learning, Live

Our courses feature live sessions (Group Crits, Peer Sessions, and more) so students can  present work, discuss feedback, and practice integrating the value of active critique into their design work. While the precise format varies by course or program, they all provide the chance for students to interact with peers in a facilitated session.

Real-World Insights: Expert-Led Events & Workshops

Being part of the Designlab community has its benefits. Students, alumni, and mentors receive lifetime access to our full slate of exclusive events and workshops. These online events cover a wide range of topics from navigating the job market to storytelling, user research, the latest design tools, and more.