Our Mentors are Our Difference

Designlab’s global network of passionate, experienced mentors are at the heart of what makes our programs great.

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Why Mentorship Matters

Since Designlab’s inception, the idea that learning is best achieved through continuous cycles of doing, feedback, and iteration has been central to our learning philosophy. Our mentors are the individuals who unlock these cycles, bringing their real-world expertise to accelerate and unblock student progress.

Additionally, mentors can help you navigate the complexities of the design industry, give career advice, and provide insights into market trends from an insider’s perspective.

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A Diverse Network of Experts

Designlab mentors hail from over 50 countries and work across every industry from tech to healthcare to non-profits and more.

Josie Ng
Warren Nugent
Kelsie Ryon
Edoardo Fusaro
Ayelén Malaquín
Rafael Madrid
Judy Reiter
Cassandra Cappello

Our Students, Alumni, and Mentors Work at Top Companies Around the World

What Our Mentors are Made of

Designlab mentors are carefully selected and vetted by our team. This rigorous process ensures that our mentors are not only subject matter experts, but also that they are individuals committed to your success.

Design mentors have at least three years of professional design experience (often much more) with advanced course mentors also displaying proven topical expertise related to the respective course. Our career coaches, many of which have design backgrounds themselves, all have direct experience hiring designers or landing design jobs at multiple top companies.

In addition to vetting mentors’ backgrounds and portfolios, we also have prospective mentors complete an exercise testing their ability to communicate and give useful, actionable, feedback.

Perhaps most importantly, our mentors enjoy the satisfaction of seeing their students grow and are excited by helping aspiring and current designers gain the skills they need to build satisfying and exciting careers in design.