On the seventh day of UXmas, Designlab sent to me... new year greetings

You may not have noticed amidst the excitement of UXmas, but it is now 2017. Happy new year! Today, we’re going to brainstorm product, feature, and service ideas based on the point of view statements and how-might-we questions we developed yesterday. Simple as that!

For example, if we think back to this question: How might we allow Fred the Carpenter to see that his personal information is secure, given that he worried about banking online and is afraid of something going wrong? A product idea could be “reassuring notifications from the app”.

The aim of brainstorming is to generate a lot of ideas, allowing us to get the obvious ones down quickly, and then to start digging deeper. Tomorrow, seeing all these ideas laid out in front of us will help us to identify which ones are strong and why. 

5 minute challenge: Take some post-it notes or pieces of paper, and generate as many ideas as you can in 5 minutes. You could also collaborate with a friend, or try doing 1 minute of brainstorming at intervals throughout the day. 

30 minute challenge: To get your creative juices flowing, take a sheet of paper and draw 16 large circles in a 4x4 grid. In 60 seconds, try to transform all of these circles into something else (for example, a smiley face, or the sun).* Next, find some post-it notes, and generate as many ideas as you can during three 5 minute sessions. Each time, after 5 minutes, pause, stretch, walk around, and then return to the task for another 5 minutes with fresh ideas.

* We spotted this idea in a cool TEDx talk by Tim Brown of IDEO.

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