Where to Find Remote UX Design Jobs in 2023

Here are the 11 best job boards to help you find a remote UX design job in 2022.

Maria Myre
Maria Myre
May 25, 2023
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As more and more companies begin to push their employees back into the office, there’s a corresponding amount of counterpressure from workers who aren’t in favor of resuming the commuting lifestyle.

And with good reason: just before the pandemic hit, US workers spent an average of 200 hours (or 9 days) commuting every year.

Fortunately, UX designers tend to be in high demand within the ever-growing hub of companies that are embracing a modern, fully-remote work environment … you just have to know where to look.

Whether your idea of remote work is a cozy corner desk in your home, or you want to embrace the nomadic lifestyle, here’s our pick of the top 11 job sites that you’ll want to bookmark if you’re looking for work as a remote UX designer.

11 Best Job Boards for Remote UX Design Positions in 2023

While you can certainly find a wealth of remote UX/UI opportunities on bigger sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn, the sheer volume of jobs can be extremely overwhelming, especially when only a small percentage of them are remote.

That’s why we went through and hand-picked our own list of the top 10 sites you might want to use (or bookmark) if you’re looking for work as a remote UX designer.

1. Dribbble

1 Dribbble remote job board

Dribbble continues to act as a thriving hub for designers who are looking for a place to showcase their work, network with other designers, and connect with potential employers. Their job board stands out, in particular, for its filtering options that help you see only the listings that pertain to your strength or expertise, whether that’s UX Design / Research, Web Design, UI / Visual Design, etc.

2. UX Jobs Board

2 UX Jobs Board

Whether you’re just starting out in UX design or have already spent some time in the field, this is one of the sites you’ll be tempted to check daily. With filters based on UX-specific topics (like usability, research, and content strategy) and a weekly roundup email list to subscribe to (which can serve as your reminder to submit a few more resumes), UX Jobs Board is a must-have resource for your UX/UI job search.

3. WeWorkRemotely

3 WeWorkRemotely Job Board

If there’s a job board that stands out for consistently providing great listings from strong companies … it’s definitely WeWorkRemotely. From attractive job listings to additional resources to help with your job search (like offering an updated list of remote companies), this is one site that you’ll definitely want to save to your bookmarks.

4. Remote.co

4 remote co job board

While there generally fewer UX design jobs listed on remote.co compared to options like Dribbble or WeWorkRemotely, the ones that do come through tend to be from established companies (Target, Toptal, and General Motors are a few of the companies that have posted job opportunities). With the quick and easy filters at the top of the page, this is a really nice site to check when you don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to job searching.

5. Authentic Jobs

5 Authentic jobs remote design work

Despite its proclaimed emphasis on designers, developers, and creatives, Authentic Jobs does offer a full suite of employment opportunities, from marketing to customer support. (I always enjoy the variety, since I’m generally quite nosy and like to see what’s up in the world of job possibilities). While the majority of jobs posted seem to be remote, there are a few location-specific listings that might stand out if you’re located near a hub like New York.

6. Remote OK

6 remote ok job board

Is the design of this remote job board somewhat garish? Yes. Is it fun to use? Absolutely. Remote OK has a wild amount of new jobs posted regularly, and includes helpful keywords along with each listing so you can catch some of the highlights without having to click through each description. It also showcases the salary range provided by the employer, which is a breath of fresh air for anyone who would like to avoid the application process for jobs that don’t align with their salary requirements.

7. Remotive

7 Remotive job board for designers

Remotive tends to have a smaller variety of design job postings than some of the other options, but what it lacks in volume it makes up for in resources for your job search. If you’re tired of haunting the same websites every day, looking for new jobs to apply to, you can sign up for their email to be notified daily when new design listings appear. They also have a paid Slack community that you can sign up for, to connect with other remote workers and hear about some of the open roles that you might not have found otherwise.

8. JustRemote

8 JustRemote

One of my favorite features of JustRemote is the option to subscribe to weekly emails with highlights on the jobs available in your preferred line of work. Whether I’m actively job searching or not, I like to stay on the email list to keep abreast of the types of jobs available, as well as maintain a pulse on what companies are hiring remotely.

9. AngelList Talent

9 AngelList Talent

The startup world offers a colorful variety of work opportunities for designers who are daring enough to roll up their sleeves and dive straight into big ideas and quick iterations. If you’re looking to gain experience and a competitive paycheck, AngelList can offer some attractive job opportunities to apply for. The biggest downside, of course, is that only a small percentage of startups emerge to become profitable companies, so “longevity” in your position might not be guaranteed.

10. FlexJobs

10 FlexJobs

In addition to offering a steady stream of remote jobs (design and otherwise), FlexJobs also plays an active role in helping workers to transition into their next remote job role. Webinars on resume writing, interviewing, and networking are just a few of the valuable free resources they provide.

11. RemoteJobs.org

A screenshot of the remotejobs dot org homepage

RemoteJobs.org presents a vibrant platform dedicated to curating exciting remote design opportunities, an ideal resource for UX/UI Designers seeking flexibility and boundless creativity. Their mission revolves around providing a space where the creative potential of designers can thrive unrestricted, whether from the comfort of their home or a beach in Bali.

The job board features many opportunities, whether you're a UX/UI expert, a graphic design whiz, or a typography aficionado, allowing you to work on fascinating projects and redefine the digital landscape. The owners are enthusiastic remote work advocates who understand the joys and challenges of finding the perfect remote job. This personal touch and dedication are reflected in their service, making RemoteJobs.org an excellent choice for UX/UI designers seeking remote opportunities.

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Gain confidence using product data to design better, justify design decisions, and win stakeholders. 6-week course for experienced UX designers.