Join us to 🌈 Design Your Future in UX 🌈

Each week throughout the month of May, we’re hosting workshops, panels, and Ask Me Anything sessions where you'll get the opportunity to learn from Designlab mentors, career coaches, and recruiters. These experts will share their insights and answer your burning questions about breaking into the field and how to build a successful career in UX.

How to Join: Click on the links below to register for each of these events. Can’t attend live? We’ve got you, you’ll receive a recording for all the sessions you register for.

Here's the lineup of events:

Week 1 events

  • May 2: Why There's Never Been a Better Time To Get Into UX
    Don't miss this opportunity to learn why UX design is such an exciting and rewarding field—and why now is the perfect time to get started. Watch the replay here.
  • May 3: Staying Sane & Inspired: Navigate the Challenging Career Transition With Greater Alignment and Ease
    (Exclusive to current Designlab students—please check your email for a replay link!)

Week 2 events

  • May 9: Getting a UX Designer Job in 2023
    Are you struggling to navigate the job search process and feeling overwhelmed by the competition? Things are constantly changing in the world of UX and 2023 is no different. The current job market is very different than it was a year ago. In this webinar, you'll gain valuable insights and practical strategies for navigating the job search process, building your network, and overcoming common challenges. Watch the replay here!
  • May 11: Changing Lanes: A Fireside Chat with Designlab Mentors Who Transitioned from Other Careers
    Bring your questions for two of our Designlab mentors who made the switch from different industries to a career in UX Design. They'll share their experiences and challenges in navigating this transition and offer valuable insights and advice for students looking to do the same. Watch the replay here!

Week 3 events

  • May 16: Beyond the Portfolio: UX Your Career Journey
    Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Do you want to differentiate yourself from the competition and stand out in the job market? Join us for this webinar that will explore how you can use UX skills to supercharge your career. Watch the replay here!
  • May 18: [Ask Me Anything] Freelancing: How to Get Started, Best Practices, and More
    Are you curious about the life of a freelance UX designer? Are you considering a career as a freelancer and looking for practical advice and insights from experienced professionals? Join us for an AMA with a few of our Designlab mentors who can answer all of your burning questions! Watch the replay here!

Week 4 Events

  • May 23: Behind the Screens: What It’s Really Like to Work as a UX Designer
    Have you ever wondered what it's like to work as a UX Designer for a big company like Meta? Or maybe you're curious about how designers collaborate with developers and product managers. During this fireside chat, we'll learn what the day-to-day is like for a UX Designer. Bring your questions for our guest Poyi Chen, Product Designer at Meta and Senior Career Coach at Designlab. Watch the replay here!
  • May 25: Navigating the Job Search: A Q&A With Recruiters

    Are you looking to land your first role in UX Design and want help navigating the process? Join us for this Q&A with experienced recruiters who will share their insights and tips on how to land your dream job. Our expert panelists will provide valuable advice on what hiring managers look for in candidates, how to make your portfolio stand out, and how to navigate the job application process. You'll have the opportunity to ask your burning questions and get personalized advice from our recruiters. Watch the replay here!

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