Are you looking to land your first role in UX Design and want help navigating the process? As a part of our Design Your Future in UX event, we hosted a Q&A with experienced recruiters who ahred their insights and tips on how to land your dream job in UX/UI design.

Watch the replay to learn more about what hiring managers look for in candidates, how to make your portfolio stand out, and how to navigate the job application process. Whether you're a recent graduate, a seasoned professional looking to make a career change, or someone who's been job searching for a while, this information is relevent is for you.

Meet Your Panel

Alexis Dane

Alexis has been recruiting since 2016 with a prior career in agency strategic communication and PR. Her recruiting experience has been primarily around creative roles (including lots of UX!), partnering with global organizations, non-profits, and start-ups across the country. She's currently a Talent Acquisition Lead in-house for Columbia Sportswear Company and has been a Designlab Career Coach in the past.

Tája Cox

Tajá has been working as a Recruiter in the edtech space for the past six years. After graduating from a coding bootcamp in 2016, she used that background to transition into the youth coding space, working as a Program Manager with Generation Code. Later she would step into full-time recruiting at Girls Who Code, which solidified her passion for everything people operations related; specializing in DEI-focused recruiting. She is currently leading the recruitment efforts at Designlab, supporting us with all new roles, and mentor recruiting.

Jessica Campbell

Program Manager at Designlab Jessica worked as a recruiter in creative agencies for over 5 years before transitioning to Program Management for Career Services at Designlab. She has been recruited for many different roles across creative and tech for companies at all stages and in many industries including creative agencies, sportswear, healthcare, lifestyle, fintech, and many more. Currently, she works with teams at Designlab to ensure the Career Service program supports student outcomes.

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