Are you curious about the life of a freelance UX designer? Are you considering a career as a freelancer and looking for practical advice and insights from experienced professionals?

In this Ask Me Anything session, you'll get a chance to hear from a few of our Designlab mentors who share their experinces and insights, as well as answer some burning questions.

You'll learn from their real-world experiences as they discuss topics such as:

  • How to find and land clients
  • Balancing multiple projects and clients
  • Setting rates and negotiating contracts
  • Tools and resources for managing projects and staying organized

Take time to watch the full recording to learn from experts and like-minded professionals in the field.

Meet Your Panel:

Caitlin Vargas

Caitlin first started in web development dabbing in small commissions then officially started freelancing in 2017 as a graphic designer. Her first gig was with a local business and has been helping other local businesses since. She is still learning everyday and loves helping new designers have the best way to improve their portfolio with real projects and advice on how to make their strengths known when it comes to clients. She is an introvert and understands how hard it can be when wanting to set up a personal brand and a business as one. She understands the importance of networking and community and has tips to navigate these as well. Caitlin will never stop learning from her peers, students, and other professionals because there is always something to be gained from a new perspective.

Rafael Madrid

Rafael Madrid is a UX professional with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and over 7 years of global corporate experience. He has successfully transitioned into the field of User Experience and is now able to put into practice the things he loves most, such as creativity, teaching, accessibility, and inclusion. Through his work, he strives to help people achieve their best selves. Rafael has been working as a UX and UI consultant and mentor at Designlab, being able to reach English, Portuguese, and Spanish-speaking companies and students around the globe.

Elizabeth Morello

Elizabeth Morello has been working as a designer for twenty years. She worked on her first UX project back in 2005. It was an end-to-end educational desktop app that was sold on a DVD! Elizabeth really enjoyed working with educational content so after that experience, she gravitated toward educational projects and content whenever possible. She worked on various educational apps and as a designer for companies like McGraw-Hill and Pearson. Elizabeth was also an instructional designer at the Academy of Art University. Elizabeth has been working as a mentor at Designlab for over three years and really enjoys the work.

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