The 6 Best Free Online Courses to Learn Figma (And Why They’re Worth Your Time)

In this roundup article, we'll take a look at 6 of the best free online courses for learning Figma, and provide links so that you can sign up and start learning.

Maria Myre
Maria Myre
Aug 23, 2022
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Figma is a powerful UX/UI design tool that has taken the product design world by storm. If you want to learn how to use Figma, or if you're looking for ways to improve your UX design skills, there are many free online courses that can help you get up to speed quickly.

In this roundup article, we'll take a look at some of the best free online courses for learning Figma. We'll also give you a taste of why each of these courses stand out, and provide links so that you can sign up and start learning today!

Can’t I Just Learn Figma On My Own? 

Before we dive into our list of the best free Figma courses, it’s worth noting that there are thousands of hours of video content online—on YouTube and on course content hubs like Udemy—that can help you get started using Figma. And in many circumstances, all you might need is a quick search to help you get past a specific roadblock on your design project. 

However, this course roundup is intended for those who want a more comprehensive understanding of what features they can expect to find in Figma, and how this toolset supports the interface design workflow as a whole. 

The courses are an opportunity for an intentional deep-dive into the features (and shortcuts) that can turn your design process from good to great.

Best Figma Courses:

In no particular order, here's the full rundown of the best six Figma courses that you can take (for free!) online:

1. Learn Design (Figma)

Free Figma Course - Learn Design
  • Instructor: Figma
  • Duration: 12 lessons + 5 design exercises (3h 17m)

In addition to creating the design tool itself, Figma has an established online community full of helpful resources, design templates, and quick answers to your UX/UI design questions. They also offer a free Learn Design course, which is a great starting point for anyone interested in learning more about the UX/UI design field.

Throughout the 12 lessons included in the course, you'll learn some of the more theoretical concepts within product design, like accessibility and design thinking. You'll also have a chance to roll up your sleeves and dive into the 5 practical design exercises that accompany the course. Each exercise comes with practice files, so you can quickly move to higher levels of design with Figma.

2. Figma 101 Free Email Course (Designlab)

Free Figma Course - Figma 101
  • Instructor: Designlab
  • Duration: 7 lessons (delivered by email)

Figma 101 is a free, 7-day email course offered by Designlab, the same team that's behind UX Academy.

In just 30 minutes a day, you’ll not only learn how to use all of Figma's core features (including basics, keyboard shortcuts, and shape tools), but you'll also learn advanced tips and tricks on how to use vector networks, Boolean commands, and libraries.

Throughout this course, you'll work on a design project where you design your own mobile app, complete with prototyping and adapting the mobile app design for desktop and tablet.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to confidently use Figma to create stunning UX/UI design work.

Sign up for Figma 101 here.

Free Figma 101 course

3. Figma Certificate (UXtoast)

Free Figma Course - Figma Certificate
  • Instructor: UXtoast
  • Duration: 4 video lessons (1h 33m)

UXtoast is an online hub (and mobile app) dedicated to helping you become familiar with UX laws and principles. In their Figma Certificate course, you'll learn how to create a beautiful user interface with Figma.

This free Figma course not only helps you learn the essential Figma features, but it also walks you through some of the more powerful plugins available. It's a great course for beginner or intermediate level designers who are interested in learning how to design a UI with Figma.

To earn the certificate, all you have to do is share a few screenshots from the design work that you created during the course.

4. Learn Figma (

Free Figma Course - Learn Figma UX
  • Instructor: Greg Rog
  • Duration: 35 videos (4 h 46m)

Greg Rog is a designer with over 15 years of interface design experience. He shares his knowledge and design skills in a variety of video-based courses on While some are available for a fee, there are many—like the Learn Figma course—that are available for free.

Throughout this course, you'll learn how to get started with Figma features, tools, and working techniques. You'll also learn some more reliable tips for using Figma efficiently in your projects.

The course format is entirely video based, which can be helpful when you're trying to figure out the Figma interface and double check your work against the example.

5. Learn Figma: User Interface Design Fundamentals (Skillshare)

Free Figma Course - Skillshare
  • Instructor: Arash Ahadzadeh
  • Duration: 136 lessons (10h 9m)
  • Price: Free with a Skillshare free trial

While Skillshare technically requires a paid subscription, they offer a generous free trial that makes it easy to take a course (or two) for free. Because of this, we wanted to highlight the course Learn Figma: User Interface Design Fundamentals by Arash Ahadzadeh, an iOS Developer & UI Designer.

This course is intended for the beginner level, and takes a deep dive into everything you might want to know about how to utilize Figma features and files in your design projects. From color palettes and components to auto layout and keyboard shortcuts, the first parts of the course are focused entirely on gaining knowledge about the Figma interface and features.

The second half will see you applying your new-found knowledge in a class project where you wireframe, design, and prototype a complete mobile application and a desktop landing page from scratch.

Love Skillshare? A quick search will bring up a handful of more niche Figma courses that can help you in your design journey, whether you're looking specifically at building mobile apps or are interested in streamlining the handoff process between design and development.

6. Figma Crash Course (FreeCodeCamp)

Free Figma Course - Figma Crash Course
  • Instructor: Adrian Twarog @ FreeCodeCamp
  • Duration: 47m

Intrigued by the idea of a full walkthrough of Figma features and basic tips on how to use them but don't have a ton of time to devote to lengthy tutorial videos? The Figma Crash Course by FreeCodeCamp might be a great option if you want to learn some.

Figma basics in an afternoon, and apply them on your own time.

The Figma Crash Course is available both as a 47-minute YouTube video and a written tutorial in blog post format, so you can easily get started with Figma using your learning method of choice.

Takeaway: Why A Free Online Figma Course Is Worth Your Time

There are many free resources and tutorials available online to help answer your Figma questions. Despite the lack of a price tag, each of the online courses listed in this article do offer high quality course content that teach you how to combine Figma tips and tricks with UX/UI design best practices. Signing up for one (or more) of these courses can be a great way to gain the confidence and working knowledge of the UX design tools that you'll use throughout your UX/UI career. 

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