We’re delighted to announce a new and exciting partnership with leading career marketplace, Hired! 

Through this partnership, all Designlab’s Career Services students and alumni in five major cities (San Francisco, Seattle, NYC, Boston, and London) will receive access to Hired.

How It Works

Just tell the Hired platform what you love to do, what programs you work with, your skills and experience, what your ideal company looks like, and the salary you want to make. From there, Hired’s data-driven matching technology and expert career coaches will match you with the perfect job based on your preferences. 

By combining cutting-edge technology with unbiased career coaching, Hired is a great supplement to your current job search process. They’ve helped designers around the globe find their dream job in 2 weeks or less.

Hired put together these six steps to help you put your best foot forward when searching for your dream design job.

1. Keep An Open Mind

In order to increase your competitiveness, when asked what industry or size of the company you want to work for, try to keep an open mind and list as many potential options available. Who knows, you could build the next unicorn, or work for a Fortune 500.

2. Show Yourself Off 

Showcase any freelance work, hackathons and/or projects you worked on in the “experience” section of Hired. In the “skills” section list as many programs/design skills you know - the more the merrier!

[Check out what else is new in Career Services v3!]

3. Stay Relevant

Try not to list any previous roles not related to the one you’re applying for.

4. Narrow Down Your Locations

If you’re looking to move to a new city it’s recommended you keep your potential relocations to five cities. Any more than that can be a negative.

5. Make It Pretty

Everyone loves looking at a fresh new portfolio. Make sure your portfolio is up to date with any product renderings, style guides, or brand guidelines you’ve created. And put your best work toward the front.

6. Know Your Worth

With Hired’s Salary Calculator, you can see UX design salary results by role, experience, and location. The data gathered is from real (not self-reported) interviews and offers on Hired.

We’re excited to begin this partnership with Hired and continue improving the job matching experience for our graduates. Look out for more ways coming soon for graduates and alumni to get access to challenging roles in the industry.


Join Hired and get matched with your dream job at hired.com/designlab.


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