Yesterday we shared the exciting news that we’ve rolled out our new Career Services course to all UX Academy graduates—including twice the number of coaching sessions, an all-new 24-week curriculum, and integration with Huntr, a job application management tool! Today, we’re just following up with a quick guided tour of the new course.

1. Getting Started

Career Services is a follow-on course included in the price of our UX Academy career accelerator. It’s designed to help graduates with the process of finding that crucial first job in the field. 

2. Lots of new lessons

The new Career Services curriculum covers the full range of topics around UX design recruitment, including goal-setting, resumes, cover letters, answering application questions, getting through email screens, different roles, freelancing, remote work... you name it.

3. Mock interview exercises

Interviews for UX design jobs often include small design projects, or even simple skills tests like whiteboarding challenges. We’ve added briefs so that graduates can get practice in these relatively straightforward, but high pressure, tasks.

4. Weekly design challenges

If all the focus is on job-hunting, it’s all too easy to get out of practice, particularly when it comes to visual and UI design. We’ve added short weekly design challenges to keep those skills fresh.

5. Integration with Huntr

The last thing you need when applying for jobs is the added stress of keeping track of where each application is up to. We’ve therefore integrated Career Services with Huntr, a service that helps organize the job search.

Career Services: Driving UX Academy Outcomes

Check out this awesome UX Academy outcome from last week, as posted to the #wins channel in our Slack community! (Published with permission.)

Designlab Career Services

Thanks for reading! Find out more about the updated Career Services experience in this blog post, or get full details of UX Academy here.

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