Once a month, we send out design highlights from around the web. This time, we're exploring some lessons from print—with two articles on book cover design, and tips from prize-winning poster designer Allan Peters. We've also got an interview with type design legend Erik Spiekermann, and the story of “the world’s (other) most hated font”—Papyrus. 

After that, catch up on 3 recent articles from the Designlab blog that you might have missed. Enjoy!

Top Tips From Book Cover Design With Reedsy’s Yvonne Shiau

Nowadays, a book cover designer must meet the needs of two sets of people: the author and the public. So, what should a designer keep in mind for a good book cover? Here are some tips from Yvonne Shiau, a staff writer for online publishing community Reedsy, on how to make your literary masterpiece stand out from the crowd.” (Creative Review)

10 Lessons From Prize-Winning Poster Design With Allan Peters

I went to art college because I wanted to draw every day for living. I wanted to make work that was provocative, work that made your brain happy as well as your eyes. Over the years, I fell in love with poster design, and I've won pretty much every award on the planet doing it. I've learned quite a bit along the way, and I want to share a few poster design tips for anyone getting into this field.” (HOW Design)

To Kill A Mockingbird—Covers From Around The World 

In the summer of 1960, 34-year-old Nelle Harper Lee (known simply as Harper Lee) published a book that changed lives for decades following. Over 50 years later, the book is still loved by children and adults around the world. Today, we want to share some of the beautiful cover designs and concepts that have been inspired by this classic American novel. Enjoy!” (Print Mag)

Meet The Man Who Created Papyrus, The World’s (Other) Most Hated Font

You've probably never heard of Chris Costello, but there's a good chance you hate him. Outside of Comic Sans creator Vincent Connare, Costello is perhaps the most vilified man in all font design. Costello, you see, is the father of Papyrus, a calligraphic typeface he first created in 1982.” (Co.Design

An Interview With Type Design Legend Erik Spiekermann All About Choosing Fonts

Everything we read, we perceive rationally and emotionally. When we look at a sentence, we react emotionally to its form before we even rationalise its content. That makes it part of the message. Type is full of expression, sound, and tone, since it is the form speech takes.” (Creative Review)

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