For many designers, career progression means partnering with other business stakeholders, many of whom use metrics and data to analyze the decisions that they’re making. For designers who aren’t yet comfortable working in this way, the process can be challenging.

That's why we sat down with Jessica Goldman, Senior Product Designer at Gusto, to hear more about data-driven design ... and how you can leverage it in your career.

As a Senior Growth Designer at Gusto, data is involved in every decision that Jessica Goldman makes. The Gusto team uses data to prioritize what features get designed, what experiments get launched, and what bugs get fixed. During her career, Jessica has led design work for product growth across three companies, and helped to launch testing best practices to create a system for prioritizing work and monitoring results. This session is jam-packed with insights and tidbits that you can take away and implement in your team.

Watch the reply to hear all about:

  • The 5 things Jessica had to learn the hard way about data-driven design
  • How she uses data and UX analytics to make high-impact design recommendations and influence product and business metrics
  • The role that data has played in Jessica’s own career progression from creative strategist to a Senior Product Designer at Gusto
  • What she’s learned about leading major product initiatives … and how you can leverage this info in your own career

Ready to Learn More About Data-Driven Design?

In this webinar, we also briefly talk about our new advanced design course: Data-Driven Design.

In just 6 weeks, you'll be able to master the fundamentals of product data and UX analytic, so you can make an outsized impact and speak the language of your partners across the business.

Learn more about how this course can help you take the next leap forward in your career.

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