UX Academy
Admissions Design Challenge


You’ve been approached by Wayfarer, a travel website, to create a new landing page and mobile app design. Wayfarer is a place for travelers to discover new locations to visit around the world. 

Although it doesn’t directly sell any trips, flights, or accommodation on the site, people use it as a tool for researching where to travel next, based on their preferences. 

Wayfarer’s target audience is anyone between the ages of 21 and 30 who travels frequently and is in search of new adventures.

Review the instructions below for each deliverable and use the links in the Resources section to download the assets for this project.

Deliverable Instructions: 1x Desktop + 3x App Screens

1) A desktop landing page for Wayfarer

Design the homepage that users will see when they first find Wayfarer. It needs to show featured destinations, explain briefly what Wayfarer is, and include a call-to-action to sign up for the newsletter. You only need to design this single page, but make sure you also think through how people will navigate to other pages or sections within the site.


Design 1 desktop-size page. The design must include:

  • Navigation to other pages or sections on the site 
  • Simple search functionality to find destinations
  • A grid or list view of featured destinations (these would link through to further details)
  • A call-to-action to sign up for the newsletter
  • A footer section that at least includes a copyright date and some links to other pages
2) An iOS or Android mobile smartphone app for Wayfarer

Making sure to coordinate the design with the landing page you just worked on, create 3 sample screens for an iOS or Android mobile smartphone app. This app aims to give travelers a way of accessing information about destinations while they’re on the move. 

You only need to design the 3 screens listed below, but you’re welcome to create more if you have time. Remember that iOS and Android have published guidelines for app designers. Links to those guidelines are provided in the Resources section below.


Create designs for these 3 screens: 

  • Screen 1: List of destinations
  • Screen 2: A “detail” screen, which gives full information about a destination
  • Screen 3: One of the following: some text
    • Sign-in screen 
    • Search screen
    • Account settings screen


Application Process

If you’ve completed an application to UX Academy before, upload your completed project here. Please make sure the sharing permissions are set so that our design reviewers can access it. Note: you can only submit one new application to a given cohort of UX Academy. If you’ve applied to a previous cohort, use the link provided above; otherwise, please reach out to us at admissions@designlab.com for further details.

If you’re applying to UX Academy for the first time, please use this link to apply to UXA. In the section of the form that asks how you’d like to submit your design work, select the design challenge option and include a link to your project. (Make sure the sharing permissions are set so that our design reviewers can access it.) 

Please also reach out to us at admissions@designlab.com to say hello and learn more about the course :)

Tip: We encourage students to apply to UX Academy as soon as they’re ready to do so, because applications are processed on a rolling basis and spaces can fill up before the application deadline. You can learn more about upcoming start dates and application deadlines in this article.