Over the last 10+ years Designlab has taught design to over 20k individuals by combining asynchronous online coursework with live mentorship from an industry expert. Now, 24 Seven Talent has partnered with Designlab to support the 24 Seven community.

For a limited time, all members of the 24 Seven community can get $200 off any Designlab course.

Simply use promo code: 24SEVEN at checkout and your discount will be applied. See below to view course offerings –including several 100% free options!

Career Track Programs

Want to make the leap from print/graphic design to UX/UI? Look no further than our award-winning program, UX Academy.


NExt cohort
Apr 22, 2024

For close to a decade, UX Academy has been the proven way to launch a career in digital design. Most students start by taking UX Academy Foundations to build their UI skills and proficiency with design tools before moving on to complete UX Academy.

Courses for Experienced Designers

Keep your skills fresh with these short 4-6 week courses that blend theory, hands-on projects, feedback from senior design mentors, and live community interactions. Discounts only for the 24 Seven community.


Next cohort
May 3, 2024

Learn how to collect and interpret data, justify design decisions with business impact, present with confidence, and win over your stakeholders.


Next cohort
May 20, 2024

Supercharge your design workflow and become a more efficient Figma user by learning tools like components, auto-layout, and design tokens.


June 3, 2024

Master the most popular AI tools for visual design – from Midjourney to DALL-E and more – and transform how you create, brand, and design.


June 3, 2024

Strengthen your usability and accessibility skills, integrate universal design principles into your work, and improve advocacy for inclusivity in design.

Free Courses

Figma 101

Today Figma is the software of choice in the world of product design. Jumpstart your Figma skills with this 7-day email course covering Figma basics – from interface familiarity to advanced prototype testing.

Photoshop 101

Unleash your creativity with this 7-day email journey into the world of Photoshop. Discover workflow basics, landing page design, photo editing techniques, and even GIF creation. Perfect for beginners, this course is your first step towards mastering Photoshop for stunning web layouts and visuals.

Sketch 101

In this 7-day email course you'll learn essential tools and techniques for digital design, from understanding Sketch’s interface to creating web layouts. Each day brings new skills, culminating in a hands-on project that showcases your ability to design with precision and creativity.