When Ayesha Khan first learned about UX/UI design, she was hesitant to jump right in.

“I spent quite some time researching and familiarizing myself with the field of UX/UI design. But after comparing a few online programs, there was no doubt in my mind Designlab was the way to go.”

Eight months into her new career as a UX/UI designer with United Solutions, she reflects on her experience with Designlab, and how it impacted her professionally and personally. 

“Designlab truly provides you an excellent platform to start a career in UX/UI design. I came from no design background; my undergrad was in Psychology; and I was working in real estate before UX Academy.”

Much of the work Ayesha is doing now at United Solutions—located in Washington DC—is for the government, and encompasses everything from SaaS products to mobile apps. 

“A lot of the products we design help save the government money, and leverages technology to make workflows more efficient, and outcomes more effective.”

Working for a startup, Ayesha admints, can often feel like drinking out of a fire hose. But everyday comes with new challenges, so her learning is accelerated. 

“It’s highly collaborative and something I enjoy because it really takes all of our strengths, insights, and input to create a great product.”

Ayesha’s team at United Solutions is a small one, with two UX/UI designers and a product manager. She works with everyone in the office, from BAs to data scientists to developers. 

“One of the great things about working for a startup is that you have the ability to get your hands on a little bit of everything. There is no shortage of work, which means there is no time to be bored or not learn. Plus the projects we work on are varying and different each time so there is always a new interesting challenge to tackle.”

One of Ayesha’s UX Academy capstone case studies

Check out Ayesha’s fresh advice for wannabe UX/UI-designers:

👉 The learning does not stop after graduation. Continue to be thirsty for knowledge and look for new ways to apply that knowledge.

“One of the ways I stay on top of this is by taking time every morning to catch up on the latest UX articles and inspo to get my wheels turning for the day.”

👉 Highlight in your resume where you applied UX thinking and problem solving in your previous roles.

“Design thinking is great in that you can really apply it to so many different situations and roles outside of UX. I think this demonstrates your solid understanding of the methodology without necessarily having a UX job title and can translate experience.”

👉 Keep pushing. Pay no mind to imposter syndrome, you got this!

“I had no background in design. If I was able to do it and land a job, you can too, and I think that attests to the strength of this program.”

What are Ayesha’s goals for 2020? “Every day I learn something new. It feels like the learning can be endless at times, but I really want to focus on honing my skills, and helping other aspiring UX/UI designers grow.”

Check out Ayesha’s portfolio, or connect with her on LinkedIn!

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