Here at Designlab, we’re committed to consistently iterating our products and processes according to student and user feedback.

In this last month, we’ve made some key changes to our learning platform based on your feedback, which we’re excited to share with you.

These updates will make it easier for students to navigate their project statuses and see which submissions still need work. Here are the updates you can expect to see within the platform.

Auto Completion Tracking

Modules no longer need to be marked as complete! Now, you can automatically move on to the next module when you’re ready to do so.

New Status Banners

A key part of the Designlab course experience is our approach to project-based learning. We’ve heard feedback from students that it’s been tough to know which of your submissions need additional iterations, and which projects have been approved by your mentors. 

We’ve improved the browsing experience on the unit pages, with new banners for module status, unit status, and project status. These new statuses include: Approved, Iteration Needed, and Waiting for Feedback.

Product Update August 2020 1

We’ve also added a shortcut to “View Your Work” on projects that have submissions.

Iteration Dashboard

You’ll now find a new Iteration Dashboard that will populate for projects where at least one deliverable needs iteration. 

Auto-Scrolling Adjustment

This functionality, which brings you back to the first incomplete item on the page, will be turned off if you enter the unit view from the unit list page. This will prevent the auto-scroll from moving past any projects that still need work without interrupting your workflow.

Preview Submission Uploads

We've introduced an option to preview any uploaded project work before completing the submission process.

Product Update August 2020 2

This enables students to:

  • Confirm the correct file was uploaded
  • Verify the number of pages intended
  • Double-check images to identify any issues which may occur during export
  • Revisit and repeat the upload step if needed

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