At Designlab we aim to provide a consistently high quality mentor experience. As such, we have a talented Mentor Lead Team, and the three members of this team have been declared the guardians of mentor experience! 

This team focuses primarily on:

  • Advocating for the mentor experience: to ensure our mentors are happy and fulfilled in their work. 
  • Monitoring mentor quality: to ensure our mentors are adhering to our high standards.

The mentor lead team is already underway planning activities and processes to ensure we have happy mentors — including elements like growth pathways. After all, we’ve found that a happy mentor is a better mentor, which leads to happier, productive, and more successful students.

This addition to our team signals an evolution in our continued focus on mentorship as a key part of the Designlab student experience. The high caliber of mentors we employ has always been a big part of what differentiates us from other UI/UX design educators, and we’re really excited to include these three faces to our diverse and experienced roster.

Meet the Mentor Lead Team

Jessica Campbell

Jessica Campbell is a people and culture manager with over a decade of experience in people management. She is has worked as a creative and technical recruiter in-house and in an agency and has a recent background in product design as a UXA alumnus. Jessica works with the Designlab mentor community on engagement, training and strategic efforts.

Crystal Campbell

Crystal has held leadership roles in Service Design, Innovation, UX, Strategy, Digital Transformation, and User Research across a wider variety of companies and industries including many big banks, Virgin, Skype, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, as well as various U.K. GOV departments and local councils. She is interested in driving planet-centric design practice and understanding how we can be designers with purpose, leaving a positive impact in our pixels.

Melissa McDougall

Melissa is a part of our Customer Experience team based in Medellín, Colombia. With experience in account management and customer support, her specialization is on mentor-student relations. Together with the rest of the mentor team, she focuses on improving our mentor switch process and effectiveness while simultaneously advocating for students and mentors alike.

The Designlab team is elated to have this new Mentor Lead Team onboard to help lead mentor growth, reinvent our curriculum with a fresh industry perspective, create stronger design leadership programs, and generate new ways to collaborate with our students. We can't wait to see what they achieve and how they'll help improve our mentor experience, and thus our students’ success.

If you’re interested in becoming a UI/UX design mentor, we encourage you to apply here.

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