How Designlab Mentorship Supports Your Success in UX Academy

Designlab’s mentorship elevates UX/UI learning by providing top mentors and personalized feedback.

Apr 5, 2024
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Quality mentorship is a cornerstone of effective learning, particularly in fields that are as dynamic and nuanced as UX design. At Designlab, we've woven quality mentorship into the fabric of our educational model across all of our courses. That said, nowhere is mentorship a more integral part of the experience than with our flagship career accelerator, UX Academy.

To start, we ensure students are paired with mentors who have a proven track record of success. Additionally, an understanding of our student’s individual needs, combined with regular feedback and continuous conversation between mentor and mentee, create a multifaceted approach that helps ensure everyone coming through UX Academy has the best experience possible.

Top Mentors for an Optimal Experience 

Ensuring that students have access to the best possible mentorship throughout UX Academy involves a rigorous selection process. Because mentorship is so pivotal to success, we have a variety of steps we take to ensure that the mentors working with our students are the right fit. 

We seek individuals who not only have a holistic understanding of UX/UI design but also possess the empathy and passion required for effective teaching. Another baseline requirement for our mentors is at least 3-5 years of professional experience in the UX/UI field—and many of our mentors have more. 

My favorite aspect was being paired with a mentor who works in the industry where I could get feedback, learn best practices, and ask all questions related to UX/UI design and careers in the industry. - Matt Klinger, UX Academy student

Once a mentor is part of our community, performance is continuously evaluated based on student feedback and our own quality checks. This dual-feedback system means we have strong insights into mentor success, and allows us to pair students with the best of the best.

Extensive Feedback at Every Stage 

At the heart of UX Academy's mentorship model is the belief that regular, constructive feedback is essential for student growth. In addition to live sessions throughout UX Academy, students receive regular written feedback on their submitted work. This is done through extensive, detailed commentary by a mentor, right within our Designlab platform, fostering an environment where feedback is not occasional but a continuous dialogue.

Image of Designlab's written mentorship feedback structure.

Mentors provide detailed, constructive critiques on every project submission, ensuring students understand both their strengths and areas for improvement. This feedback is delivered within 48 hours, marked by clear indicators within project work for easy reference.

Image of Designlab's written mentorship feedback structure.

Students also have the option to leave questions or commentary right within the platform for mentors. Since conversations live adjacent to project work, learners can always go back and reference mentor commentary to cite in weekly video calls or refer back to later on. 

Having this type of feedback doesn’t just supplement your learning: the aim is to create a dynamic exchange between student and mentor, where feedback is not just received but actively discussed and easily integrated into a future iteration. 

Matching Students for Success 

Recognizing that each student's learning preferences are unique, UX Academy takes a personalized approach to mentor matching. 

The first and most important factor is making sure we set students up with a top mentor with a compatible schedule, as synchronous weekly sessions are another component of the course. But we also provide an opportunity to integrate other factors into the matching process.

My mentor was absolutely amazing! She gave great feedback and really helped me beyond just foundational learning… she was extremely patient and very knowledgable! - Tessa Morgan, UX Academy student

During enrollment for UX Academy, all students give us information about their learning style and the type of specific resources that would be most beneficial for additional learning. We also inquire as to whether there’s an area of the UX field of particular interest, and ask if learners prefer a more encouraging style of feedback, would like a mentor that is a bit more challenging, or land somewhere in-between. 

These factors all help us match you with a mentor that is right for you, so that you’re in the best position possible when it comes to your support system. 

At Designlab, we understand that the quality of mentorship can significantly influence a student's learning experience. By carefully selecting mentors, fostering an environment of continuous feedback, and tailoring the mentorship to match individual needs, we aim to provide a comprehensive support system that empowers our students and gives them every opportunity to succeed. 

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Launch a career in ux design with our top-rated program

Top Designers Use Data.

Gain confidence using product data to design better, justify design decisions, and win stakeholders. 6-week course for experienced UX designers.