Community is a big part of what makes learning with Designlab so unique. In this webinar, we’re excited to introduce a key group of students who have helped make this possible. Watch as the founding members of our Student Life Committee (SLC) take us through what they’ve been working on—from concept to cultivation and beyond!  

👉 In this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • The origin story of the Student Life Committee 
  • Student-driven and student-focused initiatives, including events that cultivate authentic relationships
  • Utilizing UX methodologies to build community and foster growth
  • How the power of a connected community can have a positive impact on education
  • Exciting initiatives and goals for the rest of 2021!

The primary function of the Student Life Committee is to create centralized cross-cohort opportunities for student empowerment through co-curricular activities, events, programs, and services. The SLC aims to provide an established and accessible support system that serves students and alumni as they progress in their careers. They promote self-advocacy, social connections, and skill development—focusing on the mental, emotional, and social health and well-being of Designlab students and alumni. 

To join our amazing community of UX design students and participate in programming sponsored by the Student Life Committee explore our UX Academy program.

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