During this tutorial, Designlab mentor Kieran Black explains how to create animations in Figma. 

Here are some timings in case you want to skip ahead:

  • 5:00 What properties you can animate in Figma
  • 11:00 Easing curves
  • 16:00 Structural animation
  • 20:30 Push animation
  • 22:00 Smart animate
  • 24:00 Navigation hamburger
  • 32:00 Micro animations
  • 35:30 Button interactions
  • 42:00 Q & A

Here are some of the questions answered during the Q & A:

  • What is the difference between motion design and animation design?
  • Where do you find inspiration for your micro animations?
  • How do you determine the smart animate time period?
  • Can you animate within a frame?
  • How many companies use Figma?
  • What is the animation handoff to development process like?

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