Students who are interested in pursuing UX Academy now have additional flexibility in their payment options through our partner, Climb Credit. Climb offers students a couple of financing options, and this now includes a fully deferred payment plan where you can pay $0 for the first six months of your loan. 

We know that making a large financial decision, especially when tied to a career change, can be a stressful choice. This is why we want our students to have options available to them while they pursue their UX design education.

At Designlab, we offer UX Academy learners a variety of choices to ensure that you have control over selecting the payment path that works best for your particular needs. Students have the option to either pay up front, break their payment up over six months through Designlab’s internal payment option, or finance over a longer period of time with Climb Credit. You can read a bit more about the first two options in this article on our Help Center. 

Throughout UX Academy, we want to ensure that our students are supported in a variety of ways, including the financial component of the program. Part of Designlab’s core mission is a focus on student success, and Climb Credit’s student-first philosophy makes them an ideal partner in both policy and practice for our learners. 

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The About Us from Climb Credit.

Climb offers students low to no initial monthly payments, so that your education can be your primary focus. Currently, we have two different options if you’re looking to utilize Climb to help finance your journey through UX Academy. 

Fully Deferred 

Our newest option that we’re excited to offer through Climb is a Fully Deferred Grace plan. Your tuition payments will be deferred for the first 6 months of your UX Academy tuition loan, allowing you to pay nothing while you focus on your coursework. After the initial 6 months, you’ll pay your principal (meaning the monthly portion of the original tuition loan) and interest off in set monthly installments.

The part-time commitment for UX Academy is 28 weeks (i.e. 7 months) for students who stay on track, meaning many learners will be able to complete their program without having to worry about making a payment. You can see an example of the breakdown for the FDG Loan below. 

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Climb also offers an Interest-Only Grace Payment, meaning for the first 6-months, you would be responsible for only paying off the interest being accrued on your UX Academy tuition loan. This would look like smaller chunks, such as $60-80, for the 6-month IO Grace Period, and then larger installments of around $200 in the months thereafter.

The exact payment amount is dependent on the term of your loan and your rate. One thing that’s good to know is that Climb does offer flexible terms, as well as a fixed interest rate for the entire life of your loan.

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You can apply for either type of loan through Climb Credit’s landing page for Designlab students, where you’ll have the option to select the type of loan that works best for your needs once you’ve submitted your details. Climb offers an instant decision, with no impact on your credit score to find out if you qualify. 

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You’ll also have an option to add a co-borrower to your application, to see if you can secure a better rate. While our partnership with Climb Credit is only available to US-residents, international students can take advantage of the program by adding a qualifying co-borrower with a US-based address. 

Additionally, there’s no penalty for prepayment through Climb, allowing for even more flexibility in how you repay. This means when you have more disposable income (once you’ve landed your first job in the UX/UI design field after UX Academy), you are free to pay off your loan in larger chunks than the predetermined monthly amount. There’s never any additional fee for this through Climb, so you can feel good about knowing that you can repay your tuition loan in the way that works best for your lifestyle. 

Designlab wants our students to feel empowered about their education, and part of that is knowing you have choices that make you feel comfortable in moving forward. We know that UX Academy and career change in general is a big step, both professionally and financially, and we want you to feel confident in taking on your UX journey with us.

Designlab’s partnership with Climb gives learners the option to make the financial aspect of their UX Academy education as manageable and accessible as possible, with a credit company that they can trust. 

Learn more about Climb Credit on their website, and apply for a loan here.

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