We believe that diversity of background and opinion strengthens us. Diversity allows us to consider different ideas and approaches, as well as the full breadth of people we design for.

We've been listening, we've been observing, and we want to make sure that the changes we make are impactful. This is why we’re excited to publicly announce our Diversify Design Scholarship.

Since March 2020, we've been running this initiative with the intent of building equity by promoting diversity to achieve a more inclusive representation in the design community.

Our aim is to provide support to aspiring designers from groups who are largely underrepresented in the design industry; this includes Black, Indigenous, non-Black people of color, women, LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities, and members of other historically underrepresented groups.

Each month, we will offer one scholarship worth 50% of UX Academy tuition and three scholarships worth $1,000 💸

Application deadlines are 14 days before the start date for the UX Academy cohort you’re applying to, and applicants can expect a decision 10 days before the cohort begins 📆

Interested? You can learn more about the Diversify Design Scholarship here.

You can apply for the scholarship here.

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