Evolving a Design Process

In order to become great designers you must have talent, tenacity, the right tools, and ongoing constructive mentor feedback. For students to get the constructive feedback they need to evolve their work, they need to understand the problem and be presented with a clear process for submitting their work.

Our Redesign Goals

Our redesign aims to reduce friction for submitting work, to clarify academic expectations, to help students create beautiful design deliverables, and to create a workflow that better simulates the real world business process of design. Arriving at a strong final deliverable is important, but just as important is undertaking a thorough design revision process and soliciting feedback from stakeholders along the way. The new project workflow emphasizes this cycle of process, feedback, and iteration.

Product Key Screens

New Project Templates
Updated project pages now include examples of student work, expanded resource links, templates and clear deliverables.


Submissions Modal
Revised Submission process has clearer prompts for feedback,  around presenting work, and a way to track time spent on each project submission.


Project Submissions
Submissions are larger, annotations are clearer.


Full Changelog

  • After careful consideration we decided to sunset our in-browser editor tools in favor of students using industry standard tools
  • A revised layout and workflow for projects page
  • A revised submission process for how students add their work
  • New project templates
  • Updated resource links for all projects
  • Clearer navigation for students and mentors
  • Student work is now a part of the projects for inspiration
  • Improvements to the mentor and student conversations thread
  • Clearer expectations and deliverables for each and every project
  • Projects with multiple submissions now have clearer expectations
  • Editorial review of all projects across all of the courses
  • A ton of backend improvements for making projects more robust moving forward

Support & Feedback

Transitioning to a new workflow can be confusing. But give it a few days, and let us know if you run into any major problems.

Want to learn more about the Designlab design process? Want to get involved? We’re always looking for mentors & students for user research and design feedback. Reach out via the Help Center!

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