Designlab Advanced Courses Policies


How to earn your course certificate

Students must complete all course projects to earn a course certificate. Should a student complete the required coursework after the provided time period of their enrollment they may contact hello@designlab.com to request their certificate.


Students enrolled in any course offered by Designlab agree to complete their course with integrity and of their own ability. In certain cases, we reserve the right to withdraw you from a course. If you are eligible for a prorated refund, this will be processed upon withdrawal.

Here is a list of the criteria that would mark you as a candidate for withdrawal:

  • Any plagiarism or academic misconduct
  • Inappropriate or unprofessional behavior or abuse of any Designlab student, mentor, facilitator, or staff member
  • Failing to abide by our code of conduct: https://designlab.com/code-of-conduct/


Peer Group Sessions

Peer group sessions, facilitated by your mentor, are completed in a group setting on a weekly basis. If a student cannot attend a session, a session recording will be provided. Peer group sessions may not be rescheduled. One-on-one mentor sessions are not a part of this course structure and will not be provided.

Changing Assigned Peer Groups

Before the course launch date, we collect information to ensure you’re placed in a peer group compatible with your preferences and schedule. Due to this, we anticipate students to work with the assigned mentor for the duration of their course. With that said, if needed, students may request to change their peer group up to the end of the first week of their course by submitting a request to hello@designlab.com.


Students may postpone their course by submitting a request to hello@designlab.com before the start of their course or within the first 2 weeks of their course. Students will be postponed and their payment transferred to the next available cohort.


Students may cancel their course at any time by submitting a request to hello@designlab.com. Students who cancel their course prior to launch day or within the first 7 business days after launch will receive a full refund. Cancellations requested after the first 7 business days will be prorated. Prorated refunds are determined by the number of weeks from the course launch date, based on the number of full weeks elapsed (for example, if a student cancels 3 weeks and 4 days after the course launch date, they will receive a prorated refund corresponding to the completion of 3 weeks). Refunds or cancellations requested 4 or more weeks after the course launch date will not be honored.