In our inaugural Meet the Team series 🤝 we’ll start to answer one of the most common student questions: As a Product Designer who will I work with, and how will we work together?

Our first guests will be Designlab employees Matt Shaw, Head of Engineering, and Patrick Multani, Lead Product Designer and UX Academy Mentor. We start with an introduction and conversation about how our Design and Development teams work together, then open the floor for Q&A.

Key Takeaways:
👉 How do designers and developers communicate?
👉 What does workflow look like between a design and developer?
👉 What does a developer need from a designer?
👉 What should a designer know about the development process?

We’ll be continuing the Meet the Team series in 2021, featuring Product Managers, Design Operations, Marketing, and more.

If you're interested in pursuing a career as a Product Designer, we invite you to learn more about our UX Academy.

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