In today’s economy, the job title, “Product Designer” tends to hold more weight than “UX Designer.”

Why? It implies that—in addition to design and research skills—you can lead as well. Companies today are actively looking for candidates who offer more than just technical design skills. One of the key ways that you can adapt to this demand is by adopting and honing the skill of being a good storyteller.

Storytelling is a key way to ensure that you can craft a compelling pitch for stakeholders and successfully sell your product design ideas—and your own abilities—to your audience.

That's why we recently sat down with Evan Cannarozzi to talk about:

  • How to tell a story and sell your ideas
  • Techniques to improve your presentation skills
  • The 80% rule to live by

These techniques can also be used when conducting user interviews, demo calls, product team calls, and more!

Evan Cannarozzi is a Product Design Lead at EY. He enjoys visual design and prototyping because it's fun, challenging and rewarding all at the same time. He started his career as a Graphic and Web Designer, and was one day hired as a UX designer. After being promoted to Lead, Evan unlocked a true passion for the work he does today. He enjoys presenting new ideas to teams, and helping stakeholders come alive on calls. He has honest conversations about what they want in terms of UX support. He’s passionate about creating genuine connections with intent and purpose.

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