Our industry spotlight series continues with Mitch Ajimatanrareje, a Product Designer at Meta (previously known as Facebook).

Mitch had no idea where his career path would take him, but he did know that he had a desire and passion for both art and technology. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with the intention of establishing a career in print design. Instead, he got hired as a Specialist working Apple retail at the peak of the app store gold rush.

During this time, Mitch taught himself how to design apps in Photoshop, Illustrator, and eventually Sketch. He started designing apps for a variety of industries, including those for charity, wardrobe inspiration, podcasts, and playlist curation. In 2018, he landed a contract position at Facebook as a Design Program Manager, which opened the door for him to transition from design ops to becoming a Product Designer.

Watch this on-demand replay to learn the full story behind:

  • Mitch’s path to becoming a designer
  • Finding the right community to feel supported and how you can give back
  • Networking and fostering connections that stimulate both professional and personal growth
  • Staying relevant and finding ways to challenge yourself as a designer

More About Mitch:

Mitch grew up in the Bay Area, listening to Mac Dre and Keak the Sneak, and fell in love with the Raiders thanks to the Luniz (but despised them for moving to Vegas). Sci-fi and Fantasy are his favorite genres with Interstellar and The Expanse being some of his favorite content. He likes to write short stories and considers himself a mild pop culture buff totally engrossed in trending Netflix shows or films, Twitter beefs, and scrolling for hours on end on TikTok.

Connect with Mitch on LinkedIn.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a Product Designer at a company like Meta, we encourage you to explore our UX Academy program.

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