Have you ever wondered exactly what a recruiter does all day? Now is your chance to peek behind the curtain and hear from three design industry recruiters on what they look for in UX/UI and product design candidates.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What recruiters look for in a portfolio
  • Differences in UX/UI and product design roles at companies of various sizes
  • Interview best practices and industry trends

You’ll hear from these recruitment-orientated Designlab team members:

⭐️ Mandy Kerr, Director of People Ops, who ran her own people ops consultancy working with tech companies to help them lead and scale with empathy in mind.
⭐️ Jessica Campbell, Mentor Operations Lead, who has recruited for creative and tech companies around the globe, with a focus on design and candidate experience.
⭐️ Nicole Locklair, Partnerships and Career Services Career Coach, who’s spent most of her career as a creative recruiter in the advertising and product design industries.


This webinar was hosted exclusively for students in the Career Services phase of our UX Academy program. If you're interested in receiving unparalleled career support on your UX/UI design career changing journey, we encourage you to reach out to admissions@trydesignlab.com to learn more. 

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