In this Industry Spotlight you'll meet Tiffany Taylor 👋 she is a self-taught product designer who started her career in tech as a part-time office assistant at a small San Francisco startup called Socialcast. She learned how to code in junior high as a hobby, and developed a background in web design that allowed her to contribute to small internal web design projects while at Socialcast. 

She later worked her way through various opportunities which eventually landed her in a UX/UI Designer and developer role. From there she worked at various startups focusing on building internal platforms and enterprise tools, which led to her current role at Netflix.

In this on-demand webinar with Tiffany, you’ll hear about:
🌸 Successes and challenges she’s faced during her journey
🌸 How to make the most of transferable skills
🌸 What it’s like to work at a tech company, large and small
🌸 What her current day-to-day looks like at Netflix
🌸 Helpful tips and advice for anyone looking to transition to design
🌸 Go-to resources and tools for aspiring UX/UI/Product Designers


Explore Tiffany's portfolio and connect with her on LinkedIn.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a product designer at a company like Netflix, we encourage you to explore our UX Academy program.

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