Not only do the modern, agile teams of today need faster access to user input, they also need it more widely accessible across their organization. This will enable more stakeholders to form a complete understanding of their users at each stage of the process, and therefore test and learn from them. That’s where rapid testing comes in! 

In this webinar with our partners at Maze, “How to Start and Scale Rapid Testing" you’ll learn:

  • How the way we build products is broken
  • What rapid testing is, and how it can improve your processes
  • Frameworks to execute rapid testing 
  • How to design and test with Maze (demo included!)

You’ll be hearing from Ash Oliver, the Design Advocate at Maze, who is enthralled by all things design. He helps foster a community for the design inspired and user obsessed, and assists teams in uncovering the power in product discovery, research, and testing. 

If you'd like to learn more about user testing and other key elements of the UX design process, we encourage you to explore our UX Academy program or reach out to

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