Recently we hosted a career-oriented webinar with Marc Cassata, Group Design Director at global digital consultancy, Rightpoint, where he translates highly usable interaction designs into visually engaging branded user experiences for clients. 

In this webinar, you’ll hear about:

  • His years as a freelance designer
  • The difference between large and small design teams
  • What hiring managers are looking for in junior and mid-level designers

Marc has been working professionally for over two decades and started in an era when visual designers had to do it all (manage clients, manage accounts, create UX before it was called UX, code, art direct, etc.) His multidisciplinary skills span across many digital channels and formats, including mobile apps, websites, and business applications for both B2B and B2C client bases 🧳 

Marc takes great pride in mentoring and supporting the professional growth as well as the emotional and mental health of his team(s) and direct reports, as he is a believer of the tenet “If you’re truly happy, then your work will shine through, and all will be OK” 😀

To learn more from senior design professionals like Marc explore our UX Academy program.

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