Learning Adobe XD has never been easier.

In this webinar, you'll hear from Jamie Nuzbach, Strategic Development Manager for Adobe XD, who will be walking through prototyping with Adobe XD.

When you watch this on-demand webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Easily transform a static design into a high-fidelity interactive prototype
  • Use Adobe XD’s powerful micro interaction feature, auto-animate
  • Mimic realistic user experiences using drag, anchor links, overlays and more
  • Create dynamic voice and audio interactions to take your project to the next level
  • Prototype at every stage of your project from low to high-fidelity
  • Use components with states to build interactivity like hover, toggles and more

Here are some timings in case you want to skip ahead:

  • 5:30 Intro to Jamie + Adobe XD
  • 7:30 Challenges you'll face as a UX designer
  • 10:00 What is a prototype?
  • 13:00 High-fidelity vs. Low-fidelity vs. Mid-fidelity
  • 15:00 Whiteboard Adobe XD plugin
  • 18:00 Mid-fidelity prototypes and wireframing
  • 20:30 Get familiar with Adobe XD interface
  • 37:00 Creating auto animations
  • 43:30 Using overlays
  • 50:00 Applying anchor links
  • 53:00 Component states
  • 1:00 More Adobe XD resources

You can follow Jamie Nuzbach on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.

Learn more about creating powerful web prototypes in UX Academy.

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