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The UX Academy Journey

UX Academy Journey Step 1: UX Academy Foundations

Step 1

UX Academy Foundations

(Up to 8 weeks, minimum 10 hours per week)

UX Academy Foundations is an introductory course to prepare you for the main UX Academy curriculum. You’ll be paired with a hand-picked expert mentor, who will help you sharpen your knowledge of design principles, visual design, and UI design. If you move forward to Step 2, you’ll receive a $500 credit towards your UX Academy tuition, meaning UX Academy Foundations is included at no additional cost.

UX Academy Foundations Tuition: $499

UX Academy Journey Step 2: UX Academy

Step 2

UX Academy

(15 weeks full-time, 28 weeks part-time)

If you meet the prerequisites, you can begin Step 2—the main UX Academy curriculum. With help and guidance from your mentor, you’ll work through over 480 hours of UX design coursework and projects. By the end, you’ll have completed over 100 hands-on exercises, and built a portfolio with 4 substantial projects.

UX Academy Tuition: $6,249*

*after UX Academy Foundations credit applied

UX Academy Journey Step 3: Career Services

Step 3

Career Services

(up to 6 months)

Once you’ve completed UX Academy, it’s time to begin the hunt for your first job in the industry. You’ll be paired with a Career Coach to identify the right job opportunities for you, add extra polish to your portfolio, work on your interview skills together, and launch your new career!

Included in the UX Academy Tuition

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Graduates Get Hired By Leading Companies

Here are just a few of the people who have launched their new careers with UX Academy.

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Graduates have also been hired at...

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UX Academy Includes

1-on-1 Mentoring With a Top Designer

Our powerful network of Designlab mentors is our secret weapon. When you enroll, we’ll pair you with an experienced professional designer. They’ll guide your progress and prepare you to succeed in your new UX design career.

Hand-picked designers

UX Academy mentors are hand-picked for their individual professional excellence—all mentors are vetted and go through a rigorous induction process.

Professional designers

UX Academy mentors are top designers, with at least 3 to 5 years professional experience—and they assess your work using an objective program rubric.

You will be matched with a mentor for the best fit.

We make sure that each mentorship match is an ideal fit for students based on personalities, timezones, learning goals, and availability. Prior to your cohort launch day, we’ll ask you additional questions so that we can optimize the matching process.

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UX Academy Includes

Learn From Extensive Community Feedback

Here are the interactions you can expect during a typical week of UX Academy.

Weekly 1-1 Mentor Calls To Learn, Improve, and Iterate

Interacting weekly via video calls with your mentor is the pillar of UX Academy. Your mentor acts as your design coach, answering design questions, helping you with your portfolio, giving you career advice, and providing tips on things like time management. They will also give you tactical feedback, critiquing your submissions and helping you develop your skills.

Regular Feedback On Your Uploaded Work

Upload iterations of your work to our custom-built coursework submission platform, and your mentor and fellow students will leave their comments and feedback. All of the assignments you upload to the Designlab platform will receive timely, written mentor feedback to help you iterate and improve.

Community Feedback

12 Group Crits Throughout Your Studies

Group Crits are scheduled group discussions that allow you to present the work you’ve been doing in the course. These sessions are the time to learn how to give and receive constructive feedback. This is extremely important as you’ll be asked to defend your designs in interviews and in your day-to-day professional work. Group Crits are meant to facilitate organic conversations between peers, and challenge you as a designer.

Group Crits

Unlimited Slack Access To An Active Design Community

As part of UX Academy, you will be granted unlimited Slack access to our active community of designers. Students use Slack to ask questions and receive prompt replies. Slack is an online collaboration platform where UX Academy students and mentors share learning within and between cohorts.

UX Academy Includes

Rigorous Curriculum

With help and guidance from your mentor, you’ll work through over 480 hours of UX design lessons and projects. By the end, you’ll have completed over 100 hands-on exercises, and built out a portfolio with 4 substantial capstone projects.

480 hours
of UX Design coursework
100+ hands-on exercises
to learn, improve, and iterate on
4 portfolio projects
to show your skills to employers
Showing curriculum for:

Design and Communication Basics

Goal setting and introduction to offering design feedback.

Intro To UX Design

The history, evolution, and future of UX design.

Design thinking and other UX design methods.

22 Lessons / 12 Projects

UX Research

Different research methods and how to use them.

How to synthesize and use research insights to define a product.

17 Lessons / 9 Projects

Information Architecture

How to organize information and navigation systems in a product.

Usability and accessibility principles.

15 Lessons / 5 Projects

Interaction Design

How to develop “task flows” and “user flows” for a product.

Design patterns and how to create wireframes and prototypes.

16 Lessons / 7 Projects

User Interface Design

How to choose color, typography, icons, and interaction patterns.

Responsive design for multiple devices.

13 Lessons / 7 Projects

Iteration and Implementation

How to conduct user tests and utilize feedback.

Creating new versions of a design, and handing off a project.

10 Lessons / 6 Projects

Personal Brand and Portfolio Setup

Register a domain name for your portfolio.

Create a first draft of your portfolio site.

2 Lessons / 7 Projects

3 Capstone Projects

Work on in-depth “capstone” portfolio projects:

Responsive Web Design

Adding A Feature

End-to-End Application

UX Academy Graduation

In the final , you will reflect on your journey through UX Academy and finish up your polished portfolio. Our graduates finish with high quality portfolios that demonstrate their learnings, process, and results to potential employers. Here's an example:

Portfolio Example

Sample graduate portfolio work by: Megan Creighton Megan Creighton

Megan Creighton Sample graduate portfolio work by:
Megan Creighton

UX Academy Includes

Get Hired With Career Support And Coaching

Up To 24 Weeks
of career support after graduation
18 Coaching Sessions
with your personal career coach
117 Days-To-Hire
average days from graduation

Once you’ve completed UX Academy, it’s time to begin the hunt for your first job in the industry.

Career Services lasts up to 24 weeks, during which you’ll be paired with your own Career Coach. A Career Coach is a specialist mentor who either has hiring experience, or has a track record of landing jobs at well-known companies. They will help you search for a generalist role as a UX, UI, or Product Designer (whether full-time, part-time, internship, or freelance).

You'll have up to 18 sessions with your Coach. Use these calls to help streamline your online presence, add extra polish to your portfolio, prepare for interviews, sharpen your networking skills, and understand the art of negotiating and accepting offers.

The job hunt can be stressful, and your Coach is there to support you and help you build confidence.

Tuition That’s Flexible

Three different ways to pay, structured to fit your life. All prices in USD.

Are you a Foundations student? Get $500 off UX Academy!

yes, you are a Foundations student. Prices will include discount no, you are not a Foundations student. Prices will not include discount

6 Monthly Payments

Course Deposit


Monthly Payments


Total Cost


Course Deposit


Foundations Discount


Monthly Payments


Total Cost


Upfront Payment
Save $400

Course Deposit


One-time Payment


Total Cost


Course Deposit


Foundations Discount


One-time Payment


Total Cost


Flexible Long Term Financing

Powered by Climb Credit*

Course Deposit


Monthly Payments


Total Cost

$7,441 - $8,111

Course Deposit


Foundations Discount


Monthly Payments


Total Cost

$6,941 - $7,611

You may pick any of these payment plans after you get accepted into the program. For now, take the next step!

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* Climb Credit: Range varies based on approved interest rate. Only available for U.S. residents, or international students with US co-signer.
Info for International Students: Contact us for info about 10-month payment plans.

See How UX Academy Compares

As a 100% online platform, Designlab offers excellent education with flexibility and an accessible price point.

Online or offline
Group Crits
Job Guarantee
Bloc Designer Track
“Certified UX Designer”
General Assembly
Designlab UX Academy
Online or offline
Group Crits
Job Guarantee
Bloc Designer Track
Online or offline
Group Crits
Job Guarantee
CareerFoundry “Certified UX Designer”
Online or offline
Group Crits
Job Guarantee
Online or offline
Group Crits
Job Guarantee
Online or offline
Group Crits
Job Guarantee
General Assembly
Online or offline
Group Crits
Job Guarantee

Our Admissions Process

Before getting started, we recommend you attend one of our Open House webinars. Each session offers more details about UX Academy, and an open Q&A!

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Complete UX Academy Foundations*

Take our 4-8 week design foundation course. *Skip this step if you have previous design experience.

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Submit Application

Complete a simple 3-minute application linking to your design work to see if it meets the admissions criteria.

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Secure Financing and Begin UX Academy

Choose a payment method, create your profile, and enroll in the next UX Academy cohort!

Plan Your UX Academy Timeline

A new cohort of Foundations and UX Academy starts each month. Map out your journey below and estimate your graduation date depending on how much time you can dedicate to your coursework.

Have you worked as a UX/UI, digital, or web designer?

Great! Read more about the prerequisites for UX Academy. UX Academy Foundations is perfect for design beginners.

How long do you think Foundations will take you?

Skip Foundations if you already have design experience. Plan to work {{ foundationsTrackHours[quiz.foundations_track] }} hours a week.

When do you plan to start UX Academy?

Keep the application deadline on {{ quiz.uxa_cohort ? (quiz.uxa_cohort.deadline_date | amDateFormat:'MMM Do, YYYY') : '???' }} in mind.

Which UX Academy Track do you plan to take?

Plan to work {{ uxaTrackHours[quiz.uxa_track] }} hours a week.

Foundations begins

{{ quiz.foundations_cohort.start_date | amDateFormat:'MMM Do, YYYY' }}

Submit your UX Academy application

Apply with a sample of your design work for our Admissions panel to review.

Foundations ends

{{ quiz.foundations_cohort.tracks[quiz.foundations_track] | amDateFormat:'MMM Do, YYYY' }}

Resubmit if requested by Admissions

Our Admissions panel will provide helpful feedback and discuss next steps with you.

UX Academy application deadline

{{ quiz.uxa_cohort.deadline_date | amDateFormat:'MMM Do, YYYY' }}


UX Academy starts

{{ quiz.uxa_cohort.start_date | amDateFormat:'MMM Do, YYYY' }}


UX Academy ends

{{ (quiz.uxa_track ? quiz.uxa_cohort.full_time_end_date : quiz.uxa_cohort.part_time_end_date) | amDateFormat:'MMM Do, YYYY' }}


UX Academy logo

Designlab UX Academy

  • Work with an expert design mentor
  • Connect with a community of peers
  • Create a stunning design portfolio
  • Work with your own Career Coach

Save your spot today!

Learn more about UX Academy and how to take your first step!

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Learn design basics through our 4-8 week prerequisite course, UX Academy Foundations. You can also learn more by reading through the UX Academy Application Pack in your inbox.

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You're on track to starting your new UX Career.
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Have questions?

We’ve got you covered. Check out the questions below or visit the Help Center for anything else.

What are the prerequisites for UX Academy?

Designlab welcomes both brand new designers and individuals with previous experience. Regardless of your background, we'll help you build the prerequisite design skills needed to be successful in UX Academy.

If you’re new to digital design, you’ll need to take our 4-8 week UX Academy Foundations course and showcase your skills in the final design challenge.

If you've worked as a designer before, you’ll need to show us recent design work that includes both wireframes and high resolution images of landing pages or digital applications you’ve designed. Please note that we can’t accept print, illustration, or architecture portfolios.

We’ll also assess your fluency of the English language⁠. UX Academy is a collaborative, community-orientated, and requires extensive communication between students, mentors, and our team.

You can find more detailed information about these requirements in our Help Center!

How do I apply to UX Academy?

Get an application pack for more details on the UX Academy journey and how to apply! If you have previously worked as a digital designer, you’ll be able to go straight ahead and submit your application. If you’re new to digital design, your first step will be to enroll in UX Academy Foundations.

Do you offer scholarships for UX Academy?

Yes we do! You can learn more about our scholarship program and how to apply in this article.

I’m interested, but have very little design experience. How can I prepare?

First and foremost, please don’t let a lack of design experience worry you. Around two-thirds of UX Academy applicants are new to the industry too, so you’re not alone!

There are, of course, various things you can do to prepare for the UX Academy program, and we’ll do our best to help you every step of the way:

  1. Enroll in UX Academy Foundations: This is our flexible 4-8 week foundation course designed to help you learn the fundamentals of design. It’s a prerequisite for anyone new to the industry, and will help you get a good grounding in visual principles ahead of UX Academy.
  2. Learn a design tool: We recommend you use either Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD. You can get an introduction to these tools in our free 7-day email courses Figma 101, Sketch 101, and Adobe XD.
  3. Read around the topic: Check out the Best of the Designlab Blog for articles about design and changing careers. There are new articles released every week! We also recommend you subscribe to some design publications on Medium, such as UX Collective, UX Planet, Muzli, and InVision.

Those 3 things should help you feel much more prepared and ready to get started with UX Academy. You can always book an admissions call if you still have any concerns — our Admissions Reps would be happy to chat through them with you!

Do I still need to take UX Academy Foundations if I already have design experience?

If you’ve worked as a designer before, and have some recent design work that includes both wireframes and high resolution images of landing pages or digital applications you’ve designed, then you can go ahead and submit an application linking to your work. If it meets the standards required, there will be no need to take our UX Academy Foundations course.

Please note that print, illustration, and architecture portfolios will not meet the standards required.

What equipment and software do I need for UX Academy?

We don’t require you to have any specific equipment or software for either our short courses or UX Academy program. However, we do recommend that you use either Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD because they’re user-friendly and easy to learn. They are also cutting-edge, collaborative design tools used by today’s professional UX and UI designers so they’ll set you up well for a job in the industry!

  • Figma is browser-based, works on any computer, and is free for individual users. You can learn the basics through our free Figma 101 course.
  • Sketch requires a Mac, and you need to buy a license—but you can get 50% off via our Perks page. You can learn the basics through our free Sketch 101 course.

Here’s some other software you might be interested in exploring:

Do I need to be online at a specific time to complete coursework?

No, you can access the online coursework and complete the projects whenever you'd like.

The only "scheduled" parts of the course include:

  • Mentor sessions, which you arrange with your mentor based on mutual availability
  • Group Crits, which may be reserved across a variety of available dates and times

How does UX Academy compare to short courses?

UX Academy is a career accelerator program that will help you turn your passion for design into a successful career in the UX/UI industry. The program goes into each topic under the UX/UI design umbrella in more depth than all of our short courses combined, contains around 480 hours of coursework, and will help you develop a professional design portfolio so you can apply for jobs in the industry.

UX Academy also includes extras like Career Services, which enables you to work with a Career Coach for up to 6 months after graduation to perfect your portfolio, shape high quality job applications, and improve your interview technique.

Our short courses are more suited towards professionals who want to upskill in a particular area of design. There are no portfolio or career guidance aspects in the short courses, but you will still complete lots of project work.

What if I’ve already taken a course with Designlab?

If you’ve previously taken a Designlab short course, you can get credit towards UX Academy. All students who take one of our short courses will receive $150 credit on their UX Academy tuition per enrollment.

How do the part-time and full-time tracks work?

At the start of the course, you’ll choose one of our timed “tracks”—either full-time or part-time. Which one is right for you will depend on your other commitments, how quickly you want to complete the course, and how intensively you prefer to work.

The full-time track might be the one for you if:

  • You have no other major time commitments
  • You are highly motivated to complete the course within 3 months
  • You are experienced and confident at independent learning

The part-time track might be better suited for you if:

  • You need to balance UX Academy with other commitments (a 30+ hour job and children, for example)
  • You are happy for the course to take 6 months
  • You would prefer to study more flexibly and at a slower pace

Choose a track based on your schedule. For the full-time track, you’ll need to be able to commit to spending 40 hours a week on coursework. Our part-time track is designed to be combined with a full time job, and to enable you to complete coursework during evenings and weekends. For the part time option, you should plan to devote 20 hours a week to coursework.

What if I fall behind?

The first thing to say is that UX Academy is, by design, an intensive experience. We want all of our students to succeed and achieve their goals, so remember you’re not alone in figuring this out!

A perk of the online community is that you’ll be able to share the challenges you’re facing with others in the UX Academy Slack channels and get tips from people who are in the same position.

We’ll also send you reminders and resources if you fall behind to help you get back on track. If you decide you can’t keep up with the pace of your track, we’ll quickly jump on a call to discuss your options. The most important thing is to always keep us in the loop!

How do your payment plans work?

We offer three tuition options for UX Academy:

  • Upfront Payment (via PayPal or by credit/debit card)
  • Extended Payment Plan (serviced by Climb Credit)
  • 6-month Payment Plan ($400 fee, serviced by Designlab)

Regardless of which payment option you choose, you will also need to make a $399 refundable deposit at the time of enrollment to save your spot in the program. For upfront payments and payment plans serviced through Designlab, the next payment is due on the cohort’s start date.

As an example, a 6-month payment plan serviced by Designlab would look like this:

$7,149 (total tuition, including service fee) – $399 (deposit) = $6,750 (balance), split into 6 payments of $1,125 with the first payment due on the cohort start date.

If you take UX Academy Foundations first, we’ll apply a $500 credit by subtracting it from the balance before calculating your next payment(s).

What kind of jobs will I be ready for when I’m done?

UX Academy will set you up to land your first position as a professional designer capable of taking on a range of UX and UI design work. Graduates of UX Academy are most commonly hired for one of the following roles:

  • UX/UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Product Designer

We’ve also had students work in more specialized roles, such as UI Designer or UX Researcher. However, this is more common after a few years of working in the industry.

Recent UX Academy graduates have landed roles at notable companies such as Adidas, TechStyle Fashion Group, Eved, Backbase, Comrade Agency, and Microsoft. To find out more, check out our UX Academy Success Stories.

Will companies hire me without a design degree?

Yes. Design is a fast-moving industry, with standards, tools, and market needs changing every year. Your portfolio is by far the primary point of reference for employers looking for evidence that you have the skills for the job.

With UX design in particular, college courses often lag behind the industry. UX Academy’s curriculum will equip you with up-to-date, relevant UX design skills that hiring managers are looking for. If you’re unsure, check out our UX Academy Success Stories.

Will you help me to find a job?

Yes. As part of UX Academy you will have access to Career Services, a program where we help guide you through your job search for up to 6 months following graduation. Once you pass your portfolio review, you’ll have a well-rounded set of skills, the ability to use new tools, and a solid portfolio that showcases your background and work.

During Career Services, you will transition from your regular mentor to a Career Coach who will help with your portfolio, job applications, and interview technique. Our Career Coaches have extensive hiring experience and a fantastic track record of guiding students towards opportunities at well known companies.

We aim to pair students with Career Coaches who have specialized knowledge about industry locales and roles most relevant to the student's individual pursuits. Please note, that the majority of our students actually land a job within 2-4 months, so you can expect to start working and earning within a much shorter time frame!

See more questions