Are you just getting started in your UX design education? Or are you a seasoned veteran looking for a refresher and some inspiration? No matter how experienced you are in UX design, it’s important you remain a lifelong learner within this constantly evolving field. 

In this article, we share some of our favorite UX design blogs that can help educate and inspire you.

Top UX Design Blogs

While you can find textbooks and magazines on the subject, blogs are an accessible and free way to learn more about UX design. We’ve curated this list of the top 37 UX design blogs you can reference throughout your UX design education journey and career.

1. Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group produces a blog that covers specific and helpful UX design topics like psychology and UX, writing for the web, and user testing. 

When I was first starting out, I spent a lot of time combing through the Nielsen Norman Group. Their blog is incredibly professional but also beginner-friendly. It’s easy to understand and much of the information is backed by studies. - Rex Freiberger, CEO of Gadget Review

2. UX Planet

This is the perfect one-stop resource for those interested in learning about UX design and user research.

3. UX Matters

Good for beginners and experts, UX Matters brings you tips that will help you improve your UX work. This site also gives you access to professional UX designers that can answer your questions fast.

Following a good blog that encompasses everything related to your field of work can be very helpful, as it will allow you to keep up with the industry trends, and lead you to discover useful tools and resources. A blog that will do this and more for you in the UX design field is UX Matters. - Dmitrij Żatuchin PhD, CEO of DO OK

4. GoodUI

GoodUI shares a lot of information about testing, which is great for beginner UX designers or those specifically interested in UX research.

It’s about testing and really gives me a lot of insight. There’s that famous quote, it’s quite used where I come from: ‘a stupid person learns on their own mistakes, a smart one on the mistakes of others.’ This is actually the gist of the blog. - Nikola Radivojevic, a UX designer for Best Response Media

5. Evanto Tuts+

Evanto Tuts+ is an excellent resource for WordPress users who want to find new plugins and themes. It also publishes a blog that is full of tutorial content that can help guide newcomers to the UX design world.

6. Design Shack

If you want to find inspiring examples of UX design alongside helpful resources and blogs to improve your design skills, Design Shack is the place for you. 

Design Shack engages and draws a broad audience including designers, businesses agencies (including mine), organizations, and individuals who are enthusiastic about cutting edge web design technologies and design news. - Steward Dunlop from PPC Genius 

7. Inside Design

This blog is by Invision, a prototyping software used by the likes of Spotify, Amazon, and IBM. Blog topics range from things like mockups, best practices, and tutorial videos.

8. Speckyboy

Speckyboy pushes out high-quality content that gives you insight on design tips, trends, UX design case studies, and freelancing advice.

9. The Layout by Flywheel

The Layout is Flywheel’s blog that provides how-tos for all kinds of UX design features. 

10. 1st Web Designer

For UX designers who use WordPress for their web hosting, 1st Web Designer gathers relevant articles and resources, saving you time on research. It curates a new list weekly, so you can look forward to new and fresh content regularly.

11. InstantShift

InstantShift offers flexible and practical design freebies, like icons and digital banners. It walks you through different design tools and tutorials, and offers career advice.

12. Designlab

Our blog is full of tips, videos, tutorials, and unique viewpoints that every new UX designer should consider. Not to mention, we give you all kinds of free stuff, like webinars with industry pros; free 7-day email courses to learn software like Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD; and thought leadership on where the industry is going and how best to break in now.

I don’t know what the team at Designlab is smoking, but holy crap they have some awesome free content. - Adrian Ross


Sidebar is a great resource for designers to highlight their projects and engage with a community of other designers. 

14. UX Collective

UX Collective is one of the most popular Medium blogs for UX designers. Sharing daily stories from contributors across a variety of topics related to UX design, this is a great daily resource for designers who are thinkers as much as they are makers.

15. UX Booth

If you’re looking for a community of designers who are passionate about UX design, this is a great space to share ideas, discuss best practices and trends, and interact with other creatives. 

16. UX Design Weekly

UX Design Weekly is an ad-free weekly newsletter curated by Kenny Chen where you can get the best user experience design links every Monday.  

17. Smashing Magazine

Perhaps one of the most famous UX design blogs, Smashing Magazine consistently produces high-quality articles that are useful, reliable, and give practical advice on how to improve your website’s design and development.

This category published really informative articles on interaction design, usability, information architecture, and different user experience related topics—for digital and physical products. - Mark Condon, CEO and founder of Shotkit

18. UX Magazine

UX Magazine is another online magazine that posts about the latest trends in UX design and UX strategy. 

[UX Magazine] is almost a full-fledged trade magazine that UX designers can find. UX Magazine builds a community with location-based listings for workshops, talks, conferences, informal meetups, and classes. - Shayne Sherman, tech expert and CEO of Techloris 

19. Dropbox - UX Writing

While Dropbox has great UX design itself, they also have a blog that’s dedicated to UX writing. 

UX writing is a growing field, so the companies that are talking about it are really paving the way for the industry. UX writing is something every UXer should be thinking about now, and it’s a philosophy I apply to my web design projects. - Grace Baldwin, a freelance writer and owner of

20. UXPin

UXPin is a helpful UX design and management tool that produces a blog that’s just as good. With topics like improving your brand’s style guide for UX and how to boost website performance, you’re sure to stay up to date on best practices.

21. Codrops

Codrops is a UX design and development blog that focuses on new possibilities. In their own words, the blog has become a playground to share passionate stories and learn about UX design. 

22. Web Design Ledger

Web Design Ledger is a well-organized blog that produces thought-provoking articles about UI, UX design, web development, and graphic design. They also share interviews with esteemed UX designers and developers to get expert insight on what every UX designer should know and practice.

23. offers in-depth courses and tutorials about basic web design, but its blog covers the hottest new trends in UX design and web development. If you’re looking for more information about a new technology or technique, this is a great resource.

24. The Next Web

Focused on the basics beyond UX design, The Next Web is a blog that should be on the radar of every skilled UX designer. Plus, The Next Web’s content holds true to their name—they bring insight on the “next big thing” for UX design. 

25. eWebDesign

eWebDesign offers tutorials for design tasks and links readers to new freebies that can help improve their UX design skills. 

26. Dribbble

If you’re looking for a design site with great visuals, this community provides designers with inspiration, connection, and allows people to showcase their work. In addition, they also share interviews with design recruiters and other insights for those looking for work.

27. Creativeoverflow

For the last decade, Creativeoverflow has curated content that not only touches on web design and UX but also encompasses design in every sense of the word. From topics like interior design and AR and VR gaming, you’ll be inspired by what Creativeoverflow provides.

28. Awwwards

Awwwards is a blog and website that looks to award the greatest and brightest UX designers out there. By doing so, it also curates a collection of top-of-the-line websites you can look to for inspiration. 

I have been reading Awwwards blog and found it very helpful because it strives to produce a meeting point where web professionals from across the globe can reach to find inspirations; a place for debate; a platform to share information and expertise; provide and get constructive and respectful critiques. - Emily Deaton 

29. Creative Market

The Creative Market is a blog that curates an in-depth list of trend roundups, free assets, tutorials, and new fonts and templates you can try. Because of this blog’s format, you can quickly browse through new ideas in the industry and get inspired to make your ideas into a reality.

I’m a huge fan of Creative Market because it always has a wide array of ideas for all things design. From fonts, vectors, backgrounds, templates, and mockups, there’s always something interesting. If we’re working on a design and we get stuck, this is the number one place we go to when we need to get inspired. - Petra Odak, the Chief Marketing Officer at Better Proposals 

30. Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is a blog that highlights elements of UX design all across the web. They update their website with new content multiple times a day, making it the perfect place to stay on the cutting edge of UX design. 

If you are a web designer, you will definitely need to have graphic design skills to make your website more creative and professional. However, sometimes it is hard to get inspiration for web design. In this case, I will read Creative Bloq to seek some ideas and thoughts. - Kelsey Chan, Growth Marketer and Co-Founder of CocoSign

31. Muzli

With a seemingly endless list of inspiring websites, Muzli is a UX design blog that keeps on giving. For over five years, they have been updating their content weekly, so they give you access to a wealth of design ideas.

[Muzli] has helped me solve many challenges that I had to face when working on my portfolio. Additionally, the user-specific tips and tricks combined with a weekly dose of inspiration are the reasons that make me go back to read this blog quite often. - Atta Ur Rehman from Gigworker

32. Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot has been around since 2008, so they’ve been around long enough to see how web design has evolved. They’re even more excited to see what the future holds, which is why they constantly post new content about design news, research, and fresh web designs. 

33. Onextrapixel

If you want to go beyond just gaining inspiration, Onextrapixel gives its readers an in-depth analysis of new design trends and case studies on what works and what doesn’t. So, this blog is helpful if you want to be inspired by things that are known to work.

34. Airbnb Design

It may be surprising to see that an app in the hospitality industry is so well-versed in UX design. But Airbnb’s design blog is a great resource for covering visual guidelines that you should follow, making sure your design matches your audience’s needs.

35. Line25

Line25 is a sleek website that is full of graphic design resources like website templates, mockups, and freebies. Those using WordPress will find their design inspiration to be particularly applicable. 

36. Abuzeedo

Abuzeedo features a mix of inspiring resources, like ebooks, articles, and tutorials to help designers learn new techniques. So not only does it inspire you, it also teaches you how to make your website even better.

37. Vandelay Design

Vandelay frequently posts a collection of inspiring website designs from around the web, coming from both commercial websites and personal portfolios. Plus, Vandelay puts together a wide variety of tutorials to help you learn basic and advanced graphic design principles.

38. Chameleon

Chameleon is a software that enables SaaS businesses to offer customized in-app messages and in-product widgets to their users, through product tours, onboarding flows, continuous feedback with Microsurveys, and more. In other words: they offer a powerful tool to help make products more inviting to users, as well as give you the opportunity to collect valuable information from users from inside the product itself. From articles that range from behaviorial analytics to onboarding UX/UI patterns, their blog offers a new perspective for your UX design work. 


Are you ready to take your UX design knowledge to the next level? Following these UX design blogs will help you learn about and stay up-to-date on this industry that is constantly evolving. But if you’re looking for an intensive online program and 1:1 mentoring that equips you with the UX design skills you need to land your first UX design role, we recommend exploring our UX Academy program.

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