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What students say

“Vanessa was awesome! She always gave great feedback and provided me with effective guidance during this course. I appreciate all the help she gave me and I enjoyed my time learning from her!”

- Jessica R, UI Design

“Vanessa is an amazing mentor. She is very easy to interact with and made the whole new learning process less intimidating for me. She was thorough with her feedback on calls, provided as much guidance as I needed with the projects and answered all my queries patiently. I would recommend Vanessa to any student, who needs guidance and some good morale boost through their course.”

- Sreya S, Design 101

“Vanessa has been a great resource for me during Design 101. She was very laidback in her approach to mentoring which I really appreciated. She was able to communicate things that needed more emphasis and what is relevant to the working world as well as job hunting tips. I plan to apply to UX Academy and hope I can have a mentor like Vanessa.”

- Katie C, Design 101

“Vanessa has been supportive and so encouraging each of our sessions. Her insight into real life as a UX designer and tips on figma has been very helpful!”

- Kaiden S, Design 101

“Vanessa was really great! Not only did she give me thorough feedback on the assignments, but she also provided extra tips and resources. She is aware that I'm interested in doing the UX Academy, so she kept this in mind while giving feedback and advice during our sessions. She was also very open about her own journey into UX, which is immensely helpful as I plan my own career switch.”

- Gina , Design 101

“Vanessa was great! She was really helpful in getting me going on the right track with my music app, and could point out anything that looked off or did not follow mobile standards. She also provided me with several links and materials that will be helpful in the future and was able to answer all my questions around careers in UX/UI and technical questions around the design programs. Overall the mentor sessions with her were super valuable and helped me with my goal of having a polished piece for my portfolio.”

- Taylor H, Design 101

“Vanessa has been a fantastic mentor. She's answered every question I've had -- from industry standards to professional development to specific project questions. Vanessa's feedback on my projects is always thoughtful, thorough, and timely. She allows for the opportunity to explain my reasoning and engage in discussion over my projects and choices. I always walk away from our check-ins or from reading her feedback feeling like I've learned something and am set up for success moving forward.”

- Morgan K, UI Design

“Vanessa was an awesome mentor and I’m so glad I got to work with her! She offered great feedback on my project submissions, provided lots of valuable resources, and truly made me better. I felt very encouraged and am beyond grateful to have been connected with a UX designer of her level!”

- Amy I, Design 101

“Vanessa is a very knowledgable and resourceful mentor who gives me timely feedbacks that help me to improve my design skills as I work on my project at Design101. As a former UX Design Academy student, she also provides information on the design world, digital tools, and tips that help me to understand the learning process better.”

- Dila I, Design 101

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