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What students say

“Tulsi exemplified professionalism and provided incredible insights throughout the Design 101 course. She is absolutely fantastic at managing the needs of students and understands how to provide students with the necessary knowledge to eventually become a UX professional. I will be requesting her for my mentor in the UX Academy.”

- Ryan , Design 101

“Tulsi was great! She was always encouraging while giving honest/constructive feedback. She frequently checks in and is readily available to answer any questions. I appreciated her willingness to push me to reach my full potential. It was a pleasure working with Tulsi and she has definitely helped me learn so much about design as well as gain confidence in my work.”

- Sam K, Design 101

“Whenever Tulsi explains anything related to UX/UI topics, I could tell that she is very passionate about the field. She is very thorough with her explanations, and is very straightforward and blunt when she was criticizing my work. I'm glad she was chosen to be my mentor. With having no design background, I believe she gave me the types of criticism I would hear in the real world. Working with her I was able to create designs that would suit today's UI standards, as well as designs that I was proud of.”

- Manting H, Design 101

“Having Tulsi as a mentor for Design 101 really made the experience. She was very open with her design process and helped me establish good practices (I started so many new Pinterest boards). She was very encouraging and also provided critical feedback. She also helped me understand the scope of the UX world and was able to pinpoint paths to consider based on my strengths and interests. I feel prepared to know how to continue learning, and what career paths to keep exploring. Very thankful!”

- Jesse B, Design 101

“Tulsi was amazing! She gave way more then I expected from her. She talked to me about what the future would look like, not just the project for the course but portfolio work and what the environment will be like in the industry. Highly Recommend!”

- Marcella W, Design 101

“I love working with Tulsi. She's very encouraging and positive. She has given me more confidence about my design work than I had before going into the program. She gives great feedback and I feel like she really listens to me. I enjoy discussing my thought process with her and then listening to hers. I feel like we are collaborating on the project more than her just leading me to do what she wants. I would love to continue working with Tulsi when I move into UX Academy.”

- Alyson G, Design 101

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