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“I can't say enough positive things about my mentor, Vlad. I've been working as a designer for 13 years (although not UX), and I joined UXA mostly for the career services after 3 extremely frustrating years of unsuccessful job hunting. With my experience, and knowing that most people enter UXA to change careers, I didn't expect to get much out of the design portion of it. However, I learned so much more than I thought I would. The curriculum was great, but Vlad really took my UXA experience to the next level. He did an absolutely amazing job of helping me focus on the specific areas where I could improve, and highlighting the aspects of the UX field that I did not have experience with. He also worked with me to tailor the course to my needs, making sure my portfolio was not only complete but well-rounded, and making sure I chose projects I could speak passionately about. And in addition to the Capstone projects, he helped me learn how to reframe my experience at my past jobs into really strong case studies, which I found just as valuable as the new projects. I really felt like he didn't just run through the projects, but paid attention to what I needed. I've been so frustrated because I knew I had strong experience, but my portfolio was not attracting attention. After working with Vlad, I feel much more confident in presenting my experience.”

- Carly S, UX Academy

“Vlad was an awesome mentor! He was always very quick to give feedback on my work and respond to emails. He was really encouraging and gave lots of detailed feedback, as well as providing lots of resources for learning further on my own. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!”

- Kieran R, Design 101

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