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What students say

“Thanks to Sven for all the support he gave me in Phase 1 of UX Academy, it really set me up for success in Phase 2 and I'm grateful for all the insights and advice he gave. Definitely enjoyed working with him!”

- Gina M, UX Academy

“Really helpful with all my questions!”

- Catena D, Typography

“Great mentor! It was a lot of information to deal with in ony 4 sessions, so everything happened too quickly for me. But he was very flexible and understanding without judging me when I didn't do a project on time and he focused on what we could improve instead (thank you for that ! ;) In general, he pushes you forward and gives practical tips on how to improve your designs. He also gave me advice tailored to my individual needs. He loves design and it reflects on his work and on each session which was highly motivating. I recommend him ! ”

- Khadija E, Design 101

“Sven is a great mentor. His feedbacks were always honest and understandable. He helped me to spot my strengths and weaknesses. I was encouraged by him to step out of my comfort zone and push my designs a little bit further. He made me believe in myself and my design skills (if you can speak of "skills" already).”

- Severin A, Design 101

“Sven is a really friendly and helpful guy. I think he is also a good designer with good advices to the students. He has really fun about doing the mentorship for this course. His feedback was every time very fast, thoughtful and helpful.”

- Anja C, Design 101

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