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“I'm so glad that Socrates was my mentor for the Foundations course! He was very encouraging and kind, and always had plenty of design knowledge to share. I liked how he not only gave me feedback on coursework but also taught me different design skills in Figma during our sessions. He's also super accommodating and flexible and I never felt judged in any way and provided me with a lot of helpful design resources that I use. I feel well-equipped to continue my design journey with the skills and knowledge that I learned from Socrates during Foundations.”

- Happy X, UX Academy Foundations

“Socrates is an amazing mentor that any student or professional would be lucky to connect with. First off, Socrates knows how to challenge his students in a way that is encouraging and inspiring. Rather than focusing on a single assignment, Socrates teaches principles and design practices which help you grow and learn more quickly. As I attempted each new project at Designlab, I came in with an improved approach. This helped set the foundation for my design process which ultimately landed me a full-time product design position. Finally, Socrates is genuinely passionate about his craft and goes out of his way to instate that same passion within his students. Not only does Socrates push you to think beyond course curriculum, but he encourages his students to build a reputation for themselves in the design industry. I feel incredibly lucky to have been paired with Socrates throughout my UX Foundations & Academy experience at Designlab. Thank you so much for everything, Socrates!”

- Ellie E, UX Academy

“He was an incredible mentor. I had my previous mentor leave the program and Socrates came on and immediately helped me with my projects. He was very knowledgeable and kind. I learned more with him in our short time together than I could have by myself. I'm grateful that he was my mentor and I can confidently say because of his teaching, I have improved very fast. I recommend him to any future student.”

- Tim J, UX Academy

“Socrates was a great mentor! I had to unexpectedly switch mentors at the very end of DL Academy as I was starting my last capstone. He quickly jumped on board with me. He kept me focused and positive as I struggled to get to the finish line. He gave clear and direct feedback. He also helped a lot with professional advice, reviewing my resume and LinkedIn profile.”

- Ash W, UX Academy

“"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel." My UI/UX journey has been set ablaze with a new outlook on design. Socrates instilled helpful technical and soft skills that were pivotal in my UX Foundations course. When times were tough -- whether it be time management or difficult course subjects -- Socrates was calm and happy to help guide me through it. I could not have asked for a more supportive and informational mentor. I'm excited to embark on the next part of my UI/UX journey with the skills and tools Socrates helped me develop throughout UX Foundations.”

- Julie N, UX Academy Foundations

“I want to say a big thank you to Socrates, my mentor! He is an amazing teacher, designer, and person. I am so lucky that I had the opportunity to learn from him. Socrates taught me many tricks in Figma and gave me a lot of insight into design. He is also an inspiring person and was very supportive of me during the course. For this, I will always be grateful.”

- Maria K, UX Academy Foundations

“Socrates helped me grow as a designer during Phase 2. He challenged me as well as patiently helped me learn aspects of design that weren’t my strongest suite. He is vibrant and always sharing ideas on how to do better. At the end of every mentor session, I left having learnt something new and felt motivated.”

- Aashika A, UX Academy

“I feel extremely lucky to have had Socrates as my tutor for my Designlab UX Academy Course, to help me with my transition into UX/UI Design. Socrates possesses an optimistic ambition and is a natural leader with a wealth of knowledge. His ability to help me enhance my strengths, whilst pushing me to achieve in the more challenging aspects of learning UX/UI Design, has been invaluable as a student. He is extremely personable, astute, and dedicated to the profession. I am very lucky to learn from such a creative, talented, and empathetic designer who understands me as a designer - I look forward to continuing to collaborate with him in the future!”

- Kristen C, UX Academy Foundations

“To say Socrates was a great mentor is an understatement - he always went above and beyond to provide insightful information and resources to help improve my design skills. He always saw potential in me and pushed me to always do better - providing extra design tasks to challenge myself and unlock my true potential. No matter the time zone we always made our sessions work and I would always come out of it more informed and confident with my knowledge and assignments. He never shames me for asking too little, too many or questions I deem “silly” and was always excited to answer any and all questions I had prepared for our weekly sessions. I was definitely really lucky to get Socrates as my first mentor with Designlab!”

- Kamilah K, UX Academy Foundations

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