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What students say

“Shivam is a great mentor and a very compassionate human being. During the mentor sessions, he gave me a lot of feedback on my work and many examples from his personal experiences as well. He went beyond DL curriculum to explain different techniques in UX research, design portfolios, design templates and also helped me structure & utilise my time better using time boxing method. He also stressed on practicing empathy in day to day life and taking care of one’s own mental health. I have learnt so much from Shivam in just one month and some of these learnings are definitely lifelong lessons for which I’m extremely grateful!”

- Manasi N, UX Research & Strategy

“Thanks for making this course so fun and engaging :)”

- Manasi N, UX Research & Strategy

“It was a great experience, and I really enjoyed the mentor sessions with Shivam - he really took the time to give me constructive feedback, and shared a lot of great templates that have helped my team & I bring these learning into our company.”

- Finn H, UX: Interaction Design

“Shivam is a thoughtful, kind, communicative mentor. His approach to teaching is to ask questions rather than give opinionated answers, both to understand his student's goals and to help them discover their own solutions. He helped me improve significantly throughout Foundations with his wealth of experience, expertise, and encouragement.”

- Lucy L, UX Academy Foundations

“Shivam is such a gem! He is highly passionate about the field as he is always happy to share his knowledge and additional resources. Every single hour mentor session we had, he was willing to go over 15 minutes despite the time difference between PST and IST. I felt like this was above and beyond especially when it was quite late in the day for him. I wanted to be mindful as much as possible of his schedule, but he was always willing to answer all the questions I had. When it came to feedback on my projects, instead of giving me straight feedback on what I could change, he would ask me what my thought process was and ask me additional questions so that I could come up with a different solution/iteration on my own. This was helpful as it helped exercise my design critical thinking and practice talking about design. Outside of learning, he often would remind me to take a rest, get fresh air by going on walks, and drink lots of water because he knew I have the tendency to burn myself out lol. I appreciate Shivam for caring about my growth and most importantly my wellbeing. I can honestly say, Shivam was one of my favorite parts of Foundations because not only did I have the best mentor I could ask for, but I ended up also having a wonderful friend! Thanks so much, Shivam!!”

- Vicky N, UX Academy Foundations

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