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“Rafael was an exceptional mentor. I felt really supported and comfortable to make mistakes without judgment. He was really patient with me, especially with assignments that took more than a couple iterations. I really valued his mentorship!”

- Ilana M, UX Research & Strategy

“Rafael is such a great mentor. He was able to provide me with so many resources to help with my UI journey that I was able to utilize immediately. Rafael is also a very patient, empathetic, and understanding mentor who supported me through the ups and downs of this course! Highly recommend him to any student.”

- Abby N, UI Design

“I had Rafael in my UX Foundations course, and it was such a pleasure working with him. He really took the time and effort to respond to every one of my submissions and was very thorough and thoughtful in his responses. I could tell he genuinely cared about me and my work and wanted the best for me. I’m sure he’s this way with any student he takes on. He has a lot of insight into the field of UX/UI and answered any questions I had. Any student who has him is lucky!”

- Yuri C, UX Academy Foundations

“Rafael was very encouraging and helpful, and always sent relevant resources that I could read and save for later.”

- Jesse C, UI Design

“He was a fantastic mentor and it was an absolute pleasure to learn from him! He provided very specific and detailed feedback and very graciously answered the numerous questions I had! He went above and beyond to provide me with resources and support for all of my projects and coursework. He is very wise, and talking to him gave me a lot of perspective about the field of UX Design. It truly was an honor to spend one-on-one time learning from him, and I am very, very thankful for all of his guidance!”

- Kriti S, Design 101

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