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What students say

“Vinod has been the most amazing mentor. His knowledge of the industry and the valuable resources that he shared throughout the course have been tremendous. During our mentoring sessions, I would always end up exceeding the time allotted because of my questions and queries but never did Vinod rush the conversation. In these 4 short weeks, I have learned so much from him; things that I never would have paid attention to, he helped me understand and make sense of. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor to start this journey. Thank you, Vinod, for always explaining everything so clearly and all the valuable resources you have shared.”

- Priyanka K, Design 101

“Very friendly and accommodating, sound advice and made sure that all feedback was understood. Offered plenty of flexible hours and made sure all sessions covered all topics and he didn’t mind if they went over slightly. He offered excellent material for further reading when requested and when he thought it was relevant. Very happy with the knowledge I have come out of the course with.”

- Tom M, UI Design

“Vinod has been so great! He is commited, supportive and genuinely wants to help. He gives thoughtul and timely feedback, and has great communication skills. Thank you Vinod and Design Lab :)”

- Sezin C, Design 101

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