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“Melvin was my mentor for Phase 2, and I have nothing but great things to say about him. He was a kind and supportive mentor throughout the program, always providing me with constructive feedback that helped me learn and enhance my work. He was crucial in helping me successfully complete the program, and I highly recommend him as a mentor!”

- Barbara P, UX Academy

“I'm incredibly grateful for Melvin, an exceptional career coach, who has been an unwavering source of motivation amidst the tech layoffs. He not only helps me stay focused on advancing my UX career, but also hones in on specific professional development skills to challenge my abilities. Melvin's dedication to my success, his belief in my potential, and his commitment to finding fulfilling opportunities have made him an invaluable ally in navigating the uncertain job market.”

- Julie N, Career Services

“From day one, Melvin showed up authentically himself. I immediately got a feel for his quick-witted and dry sense of humor, which helped break down some walls and ease my nervousness. If I was entering a session feeling down and like I didn't have much to contribute, I knew that I could at least get cheered back up by some sarcastic remarks or intentionally cheesy jokes. More than that, Melvin was always consistently helpful in providing guidance, advice, and support. Whether I needed assistance solving a design problem, or his opinion on an issue that came up, or simply a morale boost, I knew I could rely on him. I know his commitment to my success is genuine. He always celebrated my achievements, addressed my concerns without judgment, and pushed me to grow. I frequently found myself ending our sessions with "I already feel so much better". Our conversations were motivating and rejuvenating, which is often what I found myself needing the most. And of course, his design skills and knowledge are impressive. He was always able to break down complex concepts into practical steps or effortlessly answer one of my many random questions of the moment. And more often than not, he also had a resource to provide alongside his own advice—a book recommendation, an article he just read, a tool to help. His hunger for and love of design is apparent and inspiring. I also always appreciated how quick he was to solve a problem. His action-oriented style often gave me the push I needed and he always encouraged me to explore beyond my comfort zone. There were at least a couple of times I would say "Okay I'll do that" and he would say "Let's do it now". And suddenly that thing that in all honestly I probably wouldn't have done became something that we did together. For someone who performs way better with external accountability, this was huge. I wholeheartedly recommend Melvin as a UX/UI Design mentor. His expertise, humor, and genuine passion for the field make him an outstanding mentor. Thanks to him, I feel more confident that I'm in the right place, more equipped to tackle design challenges, and more supported as I continue this journey.”

- Erin T, Career Services

“I am incredibly grateful for my experience with Mel as a mentor. His support and care have been unwavering, and his passion for his work is inspiring. Mel's extensive knowledge in the field is evident in every interaction, and he consistently goes above and beyond to share valuable insights and practical advice. Despite being busy at times, he always ensures that I am covered and pushes me to deepen my learning in areas that truly matter. Working with Mel has been a transformative journey, boosting my confidence and encouraging me to pursue my goals with determination. I highly recommend Mel as a mentor who genuinely invests in your growth and provides invaluable guidance along the way.”

- Salome M, UX Academy

“I graduated Designlab UX Academy in Jan 2022 (I think) and Mel was my Career Services mentor. He was extremely helpful in improving my UX/UI design work, developing my interviewing skills, and giving me career advice to help navigate the tumultuous UX job market. These efforts came to fruition when I eventually got my first UX/UI Designer role, and my employer is very happy to have me and my skills on their team. I would definitely recommend Mel to anyone who needs a UX mentor. Thank you!”

- Ted K, Career Services

“My experience in working with Mel went above and beyond my expectations. The type of feedback he provided was constructive and encouraging that led me on a path to improve my work. He gives helpful advice that pertains to not only curriculum-related subjects, but also real-world situations. This was especially true when I asked questions that revolved around navigating certain conversations with particular roles, such as developers and clients. Mel's 20 years' worth of industry insights makes him an exceptional mentor to anyone who is looking for guidance in becoming a UX designer.”

- Jenny N, UX Academy

“Melvin is a very knowledgeable and approachable mentor. He is easy to get a hold of, gives valuable and actionable feedback, provides real-world examples, and shares great additional resources beyond the course materials.”

- Kathryn S, Career Services

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