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What students say

“I think Isabel has the right balance of friendly encouragement and professional seriousness which is important for an online mentor. She always gave me articulate and insightful answers whenever I have a question, and really helped me improve my design knowledge and skill.”

- Kevin W, UX Academy Foundations

“I'm so grateful Isabel made the effort to give constructive feedback during every single mentor session. She was attentive to detail while also able to keep the bigger picture of a project in mind. Rather than spoon-feeding easy answers, Isabel guided me through the design process to practice problem-solving for a more valuable learning experience since it's better to learn from mistakes first-hand. Isabel was very understanding of my circumstance and encouraged me to use my strengths to build my foundation. In areas I lacked, she provided resources to continue referring back to in the future.”

- Annie C, UX Academy

“Isabel is a mentor that strives to truly understand, help, and better her mentees. She strives as a mentor in three ways. First, is her patience for her mentees. Second, she is a great communicator and does well to explain UX/UI concepts to her mentees in a simplified and concrete way. Finally, she has great empathy. I realize in the UX world the E-word (empathy) is thrown around a lot and easily. However, the way Isabel approaches her mentees with her calm and caring demeanor and extra care she takes for her mentees, truly exemplifies a mentor with empathy that tries to really understand her mentees.”

- Ahnjin Y, UI Design

“Isabel is an exceptional mentor who seamlessly integrated herself into my journey. She provided unwavering guidance from joining me a little later in Phase 1, all the way throughout Phase 2. She willingly accommodated my travel schedule during Phase 1 and successfully bridged the significant time zone difference in Phase 2, always ensuring productive and effective mentorship sessions. I truly appreciate her commitment to maintaining a strong connection with her mentees. Throughout our mentorship journey, Isabel consistently offered valuable feedback on my projects and played a crucial role in helping me grasp key concepts. She empowered me to iterate and enhance my designs, always with a friendly and approachable demeanor. Reflecting on our mentor sessions, I'm amazed at the wealth of knowledge I've gained and the remarkable progress I've made under Isabel's guidance. Her insights and recommendations have been invaluable for my professional growth, and I am genuinely grateful for her support.”

- Lorraine E, UX Academy

“The one-on-one mentoring sessions with Isabel were certainly the highlight of my DesignLab experience. Isabel is so generous and honest with her feedback and insight, giving me a greater understanding of UI/UX as a career through her own experiences. I cannot recommend Isabel enough!”

- Brooke H, UX Academy Foundations

“Isabel is a fantastic mentor that provides insightful feedback while also giving great support to her mentees. She applies her extensive knowledge of UX design well in both providing feedback and in explaining challenging concepts. It is very easy to connect with her, she is always listening intently and empathizes with her mentees struggles. Knowing the right time to provide constructive feedback or to give support and encouragement is one of Isabel's greatest skills as a mentor. I highly recommend Isabel as a mentor!”

- Emily S, UX Academy

“It is really fortunate to have Isabel Luna as my mentor during the course. She is kind, patient, and highly talented. She always gives instructive feedback and shares insightful resources. She’s not only a mentor of the course but also my mentor of career. She encourages me to pursue my passion. For me, she’s also a good friend! I am very happy to connect with her and would recommend Isabel to all the future students.”

- Chofi C, UI Design

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