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What students say

“Lucas was so attentive and really put his best foot forward during our sessions. He made sure we took up the full hour, whether it was giving me feedback on my work, answering my questions, asking how I felt about the course, giving me design advice in general, discussing his work experience and my work experience, etc. He was also very flexible when I needed to reschedule sessions. Overall, I learned a lot from Lucas!”

- Lauren R, UX: Interaction Design

“Lucas was wonderful to work with! He went out of his way to be helpful. I learned so much from him and very much enjoyed the course.”

- Kelly G, UI Design

“Lucas has been a fantastic mentor! From thoughtful feedback to sharing great resources, tips and tricks I am incredibly grateful to have been able to learn from him over the last 4 weeks.”

- Abbey N, UX: Interaction Design

“Lucas did an excellent job guiding me through this course. His knowledge of design is vast and he had many tips and resources that he shared to help make the design process efficient and have better results. He explained everything very clearly and made sure that I came out of each session with practical knowledge to improve my design skills in the future.”

- Blumie D, UI Design

“Great Mentor! Easy to talk to and get along with. He takes time to specify what corrections your designs need and gives helpful feedback even after the design is accepted.”

- Kevin T, Design 101

“Lucas has been an incredible mentor throughout the entire Design 101 process and I'm immensely grateful for his wonderful insight and guiding hand!”

- Jeff E, Design 101

“Lucas was so helpful to me and walked me through how to improve my work. He always provided me with great resources and I can not recommend him enough!”

- Amelia M, Design 101

“Lucas was the best mentor I could have asked for. He was very knowledgeable and challenged me to do my best. He gave great feedback every step of the way, highlighting what I did right and more importantly the ways in which I could improve. He was always on time to our meetings, and provided lots of great resources to learn from.”

- Danielle W, UX Research & Strategy

“Lucas has been absolutely amazing – I could not have been matched up with a better mentor! He has given me SO many resources, learning tools and tips through this process that are totally invaluable. This course is incredible to begin with, but having a mentor in the field who can teach you things that you don't find in books is truly priceless. He also gives great feedback, is timely and communicative, and always answers my questions to the best of his knowledge. Thank you!”

- Alexandra S, UI Design

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