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What students say

“Hi! I had the pleasure to have Josie as my mentor for UX Foundations. She was always professional, solved any questions I had no matter how little they were, and was patient when I forgot things she already taught me. She also gave me resources outside of the course that could benefit my personal design path. Thank you, Josie!”

- Joana G, UX Academy Foundations

“Incredible mentor and designer. Josies prepared me for the real world of UX/UI design so well that I felt comfortable and competent in my Junior Product Designer role from day 1. I am forever grateful for all the industry knowledge and wisdom that she imparted on me. I attribute my success as a designer to her mentorship, she truly is everything you could want in a mentor.”

- Alexandra M, UX Academy Foundations

“I've learnt so much from Josie throughout our sessions. I like that we're both tried make the most out of the sessions for me without wasting any time. She's always enthusiastic to help with any kind of question: from overall career development till the very nitty-gritty of UI. Even though we still have one session left, I feel that I've already grown up since our first session!”

- Diana B, UI Design

“Josie is a great mentor that provided me with valuable feedback on UI during this short course. She also gave me tips on how to learn and grow as a product designer. Definitely recommend her as a mentor! :)”

- Kathleen P, UI Design

“Josie is amazing!! Super helpful and always give constructive feedback instantly. In addition, she always shares informative sources to let me learn more about UI/UX!”

- Julie C, Design 101

“I couldn't ask for a better mentor - Josie was awesome! She gave super constructive and specific feedback. Very collaborative too - she's someone who would listen and understand your rationale behind a solution and share suggestions on how it can be improved. She was also encouraging. I've grown a lot under her guidance in the short time she has mentored me :)”

- Angel R, UI Design

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